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How to draw moss drawings on the wall


Graffiti on the walls of houses, fences, bridge piers and other surfaces cause a lot of controversy. For some, this is art, for others - vandalism. Most opponents of the painted walls focus public attention on the fact that spray paint is harmful to the health of both artists and citizens.

Recently, drawings made using moss are gaining popularity. Environmentalists believe that such paintings contribute to the unity of man with nature. In addition, they are completely harmless to health. How to draw them? This is much easier than you might think.

Graffiti you will draw with a brush and paint. A tool for your creativity can be purchased at any hardware store. If you plan to make a simple inscription, buy one flat paint brush. Choose its width as you wish.

If you are going to create a real masterpiece from moss, get a few brushes of different widths.

You will also need a blender and any bucket. Both plastic and metal will do.

Graffiti paint will have to be prepared independently. To do this, you will need:

  • 2 glasses of white yogurt without fruits and other additives (you can replace it with kefir),
  • 2 glasses of beer or clean water,
  • some corn syrup
  • ½ tsp Sahara.

All ingredients from this list are available in every home. Difficulties can arise only with the search for moss. He must be alive. Dry can not be taken, because it will not grow. The easiest way to buy it in a specialty store. However, many successfully harvest moss on their own.

This plant is often found in damp places, such as the basement. For the production of paint, moss is ideal, which grows on stones, walls, bricks, pavement. Do not take it from tree trunks, because this species does not take root on a concrete or brick surface.

Everyone can do it for himself. It is important to monitor its consistency. The paint should not be too thick, but also not liquid, like water.

To begin, thoroughly rinse the collected moss from the ground. Tear it with your hands and place in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients (except corn syrup).

Turn on the appliance. It should work just a few seconds to chop moss, but not damage its cells.

If the consistency of the resulting mixture is too liquid, add corn syrup.

Pour paint into a bucket. Brush the wall with an inscription or drawing.

1. How to make a moss graffiti mix

All the components necessary for our creativity are easy to get.

Hydrogel. This is a special soil for plants, which, when absorbed, swells several hundred times, becoming like soft marmalade. It can be found in flower shops and garden supermarkets. It will be the basis on which it will grow. moss graffiti.

Kefir The most common low fat. It is needed in order to give the moss necessary for the growth of the substance.

Moss It can be found both in the forest and in the city. The main thing is to thoroughly wash it from lumps of earth and living creatures that can live in it.

Sugar It will take very little.

Now you need to mix all the ingredients with a blender. To do this, put in a bowl two handfuls of washed moss, one teaspoon of sugar, a third glass of kefir and a couple of tablespoons of soaked hydrogel. Combining the amount of moss and kefir, achieve a homogeneous pasty consistency resembling a thick paint.

Fig. 1 Graffiti from moss in the form of a wolf

fig. 2 Deer moss graffiti

2. How to create moss drawings

According to the previously unlabeled contour, apply the mixture obtained on the brick or concrete wall with a brush to growing moss. The thicker the layer, the better.

fig. 3 Moss drawing

The surface for applying moss is best chosen in a shady, cool place, as direct sunlight will dry it too much. A vertical or horizontal surface does not matter, as, developing, sprouts of moss penetrate the porous structure of brick or concrete, firmly fixed in it. This allows us to cover not only flat surfaces with our composition, but also gypsum statues, stones and other structures to give them an "aged" look.

fig. 4 Moss drawings

3. How to care for a composition of moss

Since moss will grow in an environment unfamiliar to it, it must be periodically moistened. Kefir in the mixture will give the substances necessary for growth, and a hydrogel will allow you to spray the finished picture not every day, but only once a week. To moisturize, any spray gun filled with ordinary water is suitable.

fig. 5 How to grow moss on a chandelier

Beautiful moss compositions perfectly fit into the urban culture, emphasizing the connection of the "stone jungle" with real nature, while creating an atmosphere of romance and antiquity. Using this technique, grow moss You can not only on smooth surfaces, but also cover them with any desired shape. You can also bring nature's breath into interior design using branches and driftwood, and how to do this, read here.