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Install new fonts in MS Word


On the Internet, there are many services that provide interesting design. Among these sites are the following:

Downloading is no different from downloading any other file from the Internet. All services are arranged typically, the style is presented visually, and to download it, just click on the button "Download" or "Download».

How to install in the system

In order to install the downloaded font directly in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, you must do the following:

  1. Unzip the archive to a conveniently located folder. In case the file has not been archived, you just need to open the folder.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Go to the folder "Fonts" or "Fonts».
  4. In the opened folder drag required downloaded items. After that they will be displayed in the program.

Adding a font to Word

To take advantage of the new theme you need to do the following:

  1. Open program and find the new text layout through the drop-down list.
  2. In order to find a new topic it was easier to go in the search boxwhere style is visually shown in close up.

After you find what you need, click OK. After that, everything printed in Word will be in the style of the new font.

How to insert a font into a document

If it is necessary to correct or use a document with a new design on another device, it is required add it to the document. Otherwise, when you open the file on another computer, everything written will be displayed in a standard style.

To attach a style to a specific element, you need to do the following:

  1. Open Word. Go to tab parameters.
  2. In the window that opens, refer to the item “Preservation».
  3. Checkmark embed directly in the file.
  4. Choose one of the options at will.
  5. Save document in any way.

After that, when you open a document that uses a special lettering on another device, the style remains.

How to find out the font name

The name is displayed in drop down menu text styles in Word. You can also find it in the corresponding folder in control panels or in a file downloaded from services. As a rule, archived folders are named similarly to the established text design.

Installing a new font in the system

1. On one of the sites we offer (or on another that you trust completely), select the appropriate font and download it.

2. Go to the folder where you downloaded the archive (or just a file) with the font (s). In our case, this is the desktop.

3. Open the archive and extract its contents to any convenient folder. If you downloaded fonts that are not packaged in the archive, just move them to where it will be convenient for you to get to them. Do not close this folder.

Note: In addition to the OTF or TTF file, the archive with fonts may also contain files of a different format, for example, an image and a text document, as in our example. Extracting these files is by no means necessary.

4. Open "Control Panel".
AT Windows 8 - 10 this can be done using the keys Win + xwhere in the list that appears, select "Control Panel". Instead of keys, you can also use the right-click on the menu icon "Start".

AT Windows XP - 7 this section is on the menu "Start""Control Panel".

5. If "Control Panel" is in view mode "Categories", as in our example, switch to the display mode of small icons - so you can quickly find the desired item.

6. Find the item there “Fonts” (most likely, it will be one of the last), and click on it.

7. A folder with fonts installed in Windows will open. Place the font file (s) previously downloaded and extracted from the archive into it.

Tip: You can simply drag it (them) with the mouse from folder to folder or use commands Ctrl + C (copy) or Ctrl + X (cut) and then Ctrl + V (paste).

8. After a short initialization process, the font will be installed in the system and will appear in the folder into which you moved it.

Note: Some fonts may consist of several files (for example, plain, italic and bold). In this case, you need to put all these files in the font folder.

At this stage, we added a new font to the system, now we need to add it directly to Word. Read how to do this below.

Install a new font in Word

1. Launch Word and find the new font in the list with the standard ones built into the program.

2. Often, finding a new font in the list is not as easy as it might seem: firstly, there are already quite a lot of them, and secondly, its name, although written in its own font, is quite small.

To quickly find a new font in MS Word and start using it in typing, open the Font group dialog box by clicking on the small arrow located in the lower right corner of this group.

3. In the list "Font" find the name of the new font you installed (in our case, this Altamonte Personal Use) and select it.

Tip: In the window "Sample" you can see what the font looks like. This will help you find it faster if you do not remember the name of the font, but remember it visually.

4. After you click "OK" in the dialog box "Font", you switch to the new font and you can start using it.

Embed a font in a document

After you install the new font on your computer, you can use it only at home. That is, if you send a text document written in a new font to another person who does not have this font installed in the system and, therefore, is not integrated into the Word, then it will not be displayed.

If you want the new font to be available not only on your PC (well, on the printer, more precisely, already on a printed sheet of paper), but also on other computers, other users, it must be embedded in a text document. Read how to do this below.

Note: Embedding a font in a document will increase the size of the MS Word document.

1. In the Word document, go to the tab "Options"which can be opened via the menu "File" (Word 2010 - 2016) or button “MS Word” (2003 — 2007).

2. In the "Options" dialog box that appears in front of you, go to the section "Preservation".

3. Check the box next to “Embed fonts in a file”.

4. Choose whether you want to embed only characters that are used in the current document (this will reduce the file size), whether you want to exclude the introduction of system fonts (in fact, it is not needed).

5. Save the text document. Now you can share it with other users, because the new font you added will also be displayed on their computer.

Actually, this can be finished, because now you know how to install fonts in Word, having previously installed them in Windows. We wish you success in mastering the new features and limitless possibilities of Microsoft Word.

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Font installation in Word for Windows users

1 First, find the font you like. Here is a short list of sites that provide a wide selection of free fonts:

Attention! Not all fonts support Russian characters. If you need exactly the Russian font, then make sure that it has Cyrillic support.

2 After you download the font, you will have a file in TTF or OTF format that you need to install.

To install, simply right-click on the font file and select Install. Or run it by double-clicking, after which a button for installation will appear.

Another way to add a new font is to copy it to the Fonts section, which is located in the Windows control panel, or open the C: Windows Fonts folder. You can simply drag the font into the window to other fonts.

After installing the new font, be sure to restart Word.

We supplement Word 2013 with new fonts

The first step is to get the fonts for Word. Here you can not do without the Internet. You can ask in the search box a query: "Download fonts for Word" or something similar. The main thing is that as a result you become a happy owner of a collection of beautiful fonts (TTF files) for writing texts, creating postcards and so on. Once the fonts are on your device, move on to the next step.

Unzip the archived folder to extract the fonts and start using them. To do this, for example, on the desktop, create the "Fonts" folder. Then we open the archive and, by right-clicking, select the line “Extract to the specified folder” in the menu that opens. In the window that appears after this action, select the Fonts folder. Click OK. In just a couple of seconds, it is no longer empty, but stores a collection of beautiful fonts.

To install fonts, select all of them in the folder with the left mouse button or using the key combination Ctrl + A, and then press the right button to select the “Install” line. You can see the established fonts in the "Control Panel", in design and personalization.

Instead of an afterword

Such an installation will make it possible to use fonts not only in Word, but also in other programs, and this is an additional plus. In fact, everything is very simple, and the abundance of fonts that ultimately remain on the device will impress any user, so you will definitely want to create something with their help.