Useful Tips

How to have a surprise party

If you plan to have a theme birthday party, then a surprise party is a topic in itself. Although not for the faint of heart.

Previously, all birthdays were held in the same way: guests came, gave presents, ate, got drunk, talked and left. Now it is extremely fashionable to hold theme parties, because they are much more interesting and will remain in your memory for a long time. Now it has become a necessity to think through a fun and interesting scenario, because all guests and friends are waiting for a fun and interesting party. And the most active participants can be encouraged with symbolic prizes.

You must be a relative or know the birthday person very well in order to know exactly about the birthday party’s tastes and be sure that he or she will not faint and be upset that you have not managed to put yourself in order after you have been shopping all day or doing other things. And then suddenly a full house of elegant and neatly combed guests ... Not very impressive.

But if you still, in spite of the above outcome options, still decide to throw a surprise party on your birthday, then do it in a quality manner. Below are the tips, having performed which you are guaranteed to see surprise in the eyes of the birthday man.

The date of the party may differ from the date of birth, although it would be better to have a celebration on that day. But the birthday boy may have very serious plans for this day and you should be in the know.

Choose your assistant or assistant to create a legend so that the birthday person does not suspect anything of the upcoming celebration.

Send invitations to all guests and clearly state the essence of the party. In no case should they discuss the upcoming event, even among themselves.

Find out the exact daily routine for the birthday party to plan the time for the party.

Invite all guests to arrive 30 minutes before the birthday.

Ask guests not to leave cars in sight. It is best to park them in a neighboring yard or in a parking lot.

Suppose that some of the guests who communicate with the birthday boy are casually mentioned that at that time they are leaving for business, etc.

And now sigh, lie low and cross your fingers, you will succeed!

You must be sure that the person who helps you in everything can keep secrets well.

If guests cannot keep the event secret, then do not dedicate them to the details too early.

How to organize a surprise party: recommendations

Make sure that the time of the party is convenient for the birthday person. If he is not going to change his usual daily routine on this day, you can surprise him with a surprise. In addition, such a party can be held both in the coming weekend, and a few days after the birthday.

Make sure that the birthday boy doesn’t have any important plans for this and the next days (a successful event may not affect its performance in the best way). It is advisable for the organizer to agree with the hero of the occasion in advance about a meeting on the day of the event, thereby “reserving” time for surprise.

Decide on the amount of money that you can spend on the celebration. If you intend to cover expenses yourself, carefully consider all possible costs. A good option is to share party funding with other guests if they agree to this offer. Call potential candidates and make an estimate with them.

Invite only those with whom the birthday boy has friendly relations. Guests should be warned about the planned action in advance, at least one week before the event. When preparing for a surprise party, an important condition is to maintain the highest secrecy. Therefore, if you send guests invitations by mail, indicate in a separate paragraph that the birthday man does not know about the future celebration. With a personal invitation, also focus on this point. Do not forget: one inattentive guest, having called the birthday boy with inquiries about the dress code or time, will reduce all your efforts to nothing.

A birthday surprise party doesn’t have to be themed at all, but the original styling is able to give the holidays a special charm. There are many possible themes: from a Bollywood-style celebration to a hot Hawaiian party. If you decide to give preference to any topic, prepare a costume for the birthday boy! Otherwise, he will feel himself in his everyday outfit very uncomfortable among discharged guests.

By organizing a surprise party, you can choose any format of refreshments: from a picnic and a buffet table to a gala banquet. The main thing is that the festive menu includes the most favorite birthday dishes. In addition, do not forget about the spectacular and delicious cake that will decorate the festive table. Buy fireworks or candles for its enchanting presentation.

The historic moment when guests unexpectedly meet the hero of the occasion with shouts of “Surprise!” And loud crackers should not serve as the culmination of the holiday. If the birthday party spends the rest of the evening thinking, what would occupy the uninvited guests - consider that your undertaking failed. Think over and plan well the course of the evening, prepare entertainment and contests for everyone present. Although the main special event should be the hero of the occasion, you remain the leader of the party.

A few words in the end

No matter how good the idea of ​​an unexpected party is, remember that some people still do not like surprises. If your friend prefers to plan all his time independently and plan ahead, carefully select gifts, and organize leisure activities, he is unlikely to be delighted with such a holiday.

Most likely, the party will turn into a burden for him, and for you - wasted time. If this is not so, and your loved one enjoys the unexpected, loves funny tricks and all sorts of surprises - go for it!