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How to make coffee Latte - a favorite drink of modern Europeans


Who does not remember the taste of cocoa? It is associated with childhood, in the early morning or winter evening, when one of the adults read fairy tales at night. Growing up, we forget about this drink, increasingly turning to coffee, which helps to cheer up in the morning or sit at work until late at night. However, not everyone can get used to the bitter taste of real Arabic coffee, so someone dilutes it with milk, someone adds more sugar. Everyone has their own ways to improve this drink.

The Italians also tried to soften the taste of coffee so that it could be given to children. As a result, they got a delicious coffee cocktail, which was called "Latte". The literal translation of "latte" in Italian means milk. This word is fully suitable to accurately characterize an unusual drink.

What is latte coffee?

Latte coffee is a layered shake that consists of espresso, hot milk and milk foam. A variety of syrups are often used to add spice to the drink (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, nut, but not orange - milk instantly sour from it), as well as ice cream, ice and even alcoholic drinks (amaretto, rum). At the same time, sugar is not put in coffee.

Latte coffee is served in tall glasses with a thin tube, the foam of the drink is more airy and lush than that of the same cappuccino.

Incidentally, novice coffee lovers often confuse latte and latte macchiato. The second cocktail is a slightly modified version of the first. The difference is that the latte macchiato ("milk with a stain" from the Italian language) is prepared in three layers. Moreover, the lower layer is cool milk, the middle layer is espresso, and the upper layer is milk foam.

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Recently, it has become fashionable in a cafe to serve coffee, on the foam of which a simple figure is depicted on the bar. However, at the request of the client, a more complex composition can be made. For drawing on milk foam, as a rule, use chocolate, cinnamon, whipped cream.

Latte Coffee Recipe

When ordering a latte in a cafe, it seems that the barista is doing something completely unique and very difficult in the kitchen, so that you get an irish glass with high milk foam, sprinkled with cinnamon or decorated with a simple flower-like pattern. However, the actions of the barista are not so mysterious and full of charm.

For preparation, as a rule, they take very strong coffee. It is best to choose not pure Arabica, which we all love so much, but a mixture with the addition of robusta. Robusta gives the drink strength, makes aroma and taste more saturated.

In restaurants and coffee houses, lattes are prepared on the basis of Espresso coffee and milk, in a ratio of 1 to 3. Coffee is most often prepared by a coffee machine. By the way, on the same machine there is a cappuccino machine, which creates a foam from ordinary milk. After the coffee is ready, the barista takes a special stainless mug - a pitcher, into which warm milk is already poured, and with the help of a cappuccino machine, whips the milk until an airy, but strong foam is formed. Milk is poured into the glass on the wall so that it mixes evenly with coffee. In Italy, it is not customary to add sugar to this drink; they prefer to enjoy a pure taste there. And if it bothers, then add syrup. In Russia, sugar is brought along with the order, so sweet lovers can add a spoon or two to their cup.

However, latte coffee can be enjoyed not only outside the walls of the cafe, it is easy to make at home.

How to make latte at home

We will figure out how to make latte coffee at home, without using any secrets.

To make this drink we need good expensive coffee 50 ml, 150 ml milk, sugar and water. The cooking procedure is very simple, even a beginner will cope with it:

  • 1. Prepare the milk. It must be heated so that it is warm, but not hot, and foam does not form on it.
  • 2. We make coffee. In principle, if you wish, you can use the usual soluble powder for this, but for the sake of exquisite taste and your own health, it is better to spend five minutes and brew real freshly ground coffee. Of course, not every one of us has a coffee machine at home, so coffee made in a Turk is used for home cooking.
  • 3. Warm milk must be whipped until a light foam is obtained. You can do this at home in several ways:
    • Pour milk into a thermos, close tightly and shake well for 15 minutes,
    • Beat with a whisk or mixer,
    • Use a blender.
  • 4. Whipped milk is poured into coffee using a special container with a narrow spout. Milk is poured directly into the center of the cup, which allows you to get beautiful coffee stains on milk foam. Add the filling to your taste in the finished drink.

Now you know how to please homemade people by making latte coffee. However, do not stop there. You have so many unexplored, untested varieties of coffee and coffee drinks, so many recipes for mastering!