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Homemade Shower Gel Recipes

Various soaps made by own hands are very popular today. They are bought for themselves, as a presentation. In addition, they are a beautiful accessory for the bathroom, so they are not ashamed to present a birthday to a friend. But not everyone knows that it is possible to make liquid soap at home. We suggest you learn how to make a shower gel with your own hands. You will find the most varied recipes.

Gel base

To make homemade liquid soap, you need to combine two components: a foaming washing base and a set of additional ingredients. Ideally, if all components are natural. For a detergent base, it is better to choose either soap nuts or a mild baby soap. The first ingredient is difficult to get and it does not apply to budget purchases. But baby soap is sold everywhere. It has hypoallergenic properties and does not dry the skin. It is better to choose an odorless soap. So, it’s easier to put together various aromatic oils and additives. As additional ingredients, oils, herbs and their decoctions, cane sugar, vitamins in liquid form, cosmetic clay, sea salt, oatmeal and honey are used.

The easiest gel recipe

If you make such a shower gel soap with your own hands, then you can then create other varieties based on it. Remember that to create a fragrant cosmetic product you will need the following components:

  1. The soap base is odorless baby soap.
  2. Glycerol.
  3. Essential oil. The smell depends on what the gel is made for: for a calming or invigorating effect, anti-microbial or anti-cellulite properties, and so on.
  4. Dry herbs. Of them will need to make a decoction. If there are no stocks since the summer, then in the pharmacy you can buy boxes with chamomile, lemon balm, mint, sage, celandine, and nettle.
  5. Capsule Vitamins: A and E. They help maintain healthy skin.
  6. Food coloring. It is necessary if the color of the finished gel is important to you. For example, you want to give it to someone. In other cases, you can safely do without it.
  7. Dishes. You need a bowl or a small saucepan in which all the ingredients will be mixed, and an empty bottle from the old gel or liquid soap.

Cooking method

Do-it-yourself natural shower gel is made as follows:

  1. Prepare a decoction of herbs. Boil water, and then fill it with seven tablespoons of grass. Prepare a water bath. Put a container of grass in it and wait half an hour. Then set aside the pan and let the broth brew for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid to remove grass. Dilute the finished broth with hot water. As a result, you should get two liters of fluid.
  2. Take a bar of baby soap and rub it on a coarse grater. While the broth has not cooled, pour in the chips and stir. To dissolve the soap, you can put the saucepan on a small fire and lightly heat it. If a foam appears, simply remove it with a slotted spoon.
  3. Allow the solution to cool.
  4. Pour two tablespoons of glycerin into a cool liquid. Stir well.
  5. Drop a few drops of aromatic oil and place the solution again.
  6. Open the capsules with vitamins and pour their contents into the mixture.
  7. If you decide to tint the gel, then it's time to add food coloring. Dissolve it in a cup or glass, and then add a little bit to the main liquid. Thus, color intensity can be controlled.
  8. Stir the solution for the last time and pour into bottles. They must first be washed and dried.

Shower gel is ready! As you can see, several options for a cosmetic product can be made from one base.

Gel scrub at home

This is an excellent tool to exfoliate particles of dry skin, cleanse pores, refresh the body and add tone to it. To make a scrub, you need to take the finished gel and add scrubbing elements to it. It can be ground coffee beans, sea salt, oatmeal. And if you want the scrub to have an anti-cellulite effect, you need to pour a few drops of citrus aromatic oils to the above. It is best to take an orange and grapefruit.

To moisturize the skin

Such a shower gel with your own hands is good to cook in winter and summer. It is at this time that the skin needs additional hydration. To do this, you need to make a base gel, select the appropriate aromatic oils. Help moisturize the skin means of roses, orchids and musk. Add three drops of all three oils best.

Relaxing Liquid Soap

If there is no desire to take a bath or it is contraindicated by doctors, then there is an alternative procedure. Take a shower with a special soothing gel. To do it, you do not need a foundation. All components will mix from the start.

The recipe for a relaxing shower gel is simple:

  1. Rub baby soap on a coarse grater.
  2. Pour 50 ml of water into the chips and melt the soap in a water bath.
  3. Add one teaspoon of finely ground sea salt, grape seed oil, dry blue clay to the liquid. Mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Add ten drops of lavender oil.
  5. Prepare the bottle and pour the finished gel into it.
  6. Shake the bottle well several times to mix the ingredients even better.

The gel is ready. To experience a relaxing effect, it is recommended to take a shower with such liquid soap at night.

DIY gel: make for children

The function of baby liquid soap is not only to cleanse the skin of sweat and dirt. It should be antibacterial and not overdry the body. Natural components perfectly cope with this all. To make a baby shower gel with your own hands, you need to take the following components:

  • baby soap
  • glycerin (1 tablespoon),
  • ready-made chamomile broth (50 ml),
  • lavender essential oil (5 drops),
  • cane sugar (1 teaspoon),
  • aloe juice (1 teaspoon).

If you want to make the gel color, then use natural dyes (for example, beetroot juice). Grate the soap and melt it in a chamomile broth in a water bath. Then add sugar, glycerin and, if necessary, dye. Stir everything thoroughly. It is necessary that the sugar dissolves. Then you can add oil and juice. Pour the liquid into a jar and shake it a couple of times. Baby gel is ready! As you can see, making it is not so difficult.

Create your own personalized shower gels. Use natural products and you will be pleasantly surprised, because in a short time your skin will become much better looking and to the touch. Just to avoid the opposite effect, do not use a large amount of aromatic oils. It is also recommended that you first check them for an allergic reaction. To do this, drip a small amount of the selected oil onto the skin and see if there is redness.

How to make shower gel?

First you need to deal with some of the ingredients of your future shower gel. Since the basic set of ingredients does not have detergent properties, it is necessary to add a foaming detergent base to the product. It is better to opt for children's or hypoallergenic bar soap. For children and allergy sufferers, soap is created using special technology using a minimum amount of synthetic additives.

Fans of absolute naturalness are advised to use alkali as a washing base - for example, baking soda. But in no case is it necessary to wash the body with soda, since artificial alkalization of the epidermis quickly violates the Ph-balance, after which the appearance of acne, irritation and chronic dermatitis. The use of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice is also very popular, but leads to the same consequences as soda, only with oxidation, and not alkalization of the skin.

Soap nuts may be another option for a detergent base. These are the fruits of the Indian tree, which foam well and are able to replace not only shower gel, but also shampoo, and even washing powder. In addition, soap nuts are completely hypoallergenic and organic. But they are not so easy to buy, so it is more rational to opt for a mild baby soap.
Essential and essential oils, decoctions of herbs, cane sugar, liquid vitamins, sea salt and healing clay can be useful additives.

Awakening Shower Gel

It will help to cheer up in the morning and charge your body with energy for the whole day. To create a gel you will need:

  • plastic bottle with a convenient dispenser,
  • a small piece of odorless mild soap,
  • 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil,
  • 1 tbsp medium sea salt,
  • 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil,
  • 1 tsp glycerin.

In a small saucepan, grate the soap on a fine grater, pour 75 ml of mineral or distilled water and heat the mixture in a water bath until the soap completely dissolves and a jelly-like mass is obtained. It will take about half an hour. Then remove the washing base from the heat and cool slightly. Add the remaining ingredients and beat with a whisk until smooth. If the gel turned out to be too liquid, add a little more sea salt, if too thick - dilute with warm water. Pour the finished gel into a bottle. Shake the bottle before each use.

Shower gel restoring

Thanks to soothing and healing ingredients, this gel will help restore the skin, heal small wounds and cracks, as well as eliminate allergic rashes. You will need:

  • baby lump soap
  • 1 tbsp brown cane sugar
  • 1 tbsp aloe vera juice or gel,
  • 10 drops of geranium essential oil,
  • 1 tbsp cocoa butter
  • 10 drops of rosewood oil,
  • 1 tsp jojoba oil.

Grate the soap on a coarse grater, pour 65 ml of purified water and send the mixture to a water bath. Once the soap has completely dissolved, add cocoa butter and brown sugar. Stir the mixture until all ingredients have dissolved. Cool the mass and add the remaining ingredients. Mix the gel thoroughly with a whisk and pour into a convenient container.

By welding homemade gel, you can be completely sure of its naturalness!

Relaxing Shower Gel

Ideal for people with sleep problems. Having a shower using such a tool, you can completely relax and sleep soundly. To create the gel, prepare the following ingredients:

  • bar hypoallergenic soap,
  • 1 tsp grape seed oil,
  • 1 tsp finely ground sea salt,
  • 12 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 tsp dry blue clay
  • 5 drops of neroli essential oil.

In a water bath, melt the grated soap with 50 ml of drinking water, add salt, grape seed oil and blue clay, mix. Remove the mixture from the heat and cool slightly, then add the essential oils. Pour the finished shower gel into a bottle and shake until all the ingredients have turned into a homogeneous smooth mass. For maximum effect, use the gel during an evening shower.

Rejuvenating Shower Gel

If you want to erase signs of fatigue and age-related changes from your skin, use this recipe. Daily use of a rejuvenating shower gel will help moisturize and renew your skin. You will need:

  • odorless bar soap,
  • 1 tbsp castor oil
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 gelatin capsules of vitamins Aevit,
  • 1 tsp wheat germ oil
  • 1 tsp dry red clay
  • 5 drops of bergamot essential oil,
  • 1 tsp sea ​​salt.

Melt all ingredients except essential oils in a water bath along with soap grated on a fine grater. Stir the mixture thoroughly and cool it. Then add the essential oils and pour into the bottle. When using this tool, rub the problem areas of the body with a washcloth. For a more noticeable anti-aging effect, leave the gel on the skin for several minutes.

Shower gel for children

As you know, for children there are separate cosmetic products in which there is practically no chemistry and flavorings. You can create a soft and safe shower gel for your child yourself. To do this, prepare the following ingredients:

  • baby soap
  • 50 ml of a strong decoction of chamomile,
  • 1 tbsp glycerin
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil,
  • 1 tsp cane sugar
  • 1 tbsp beetroot juice (natural dye),
  • 1 tsp aloe vera juice.

Grated baby soap mix with chamomile broth, sugar, beetroot juice and glycerin. Warm in a water bath until the soap and sugar are completely dissolved. Then add lavender essential oil and aloe juice. Shake the gel bottle thoroughly before each use.

Chocolate Shower Gel

It can be used by both adults and children. A pleasant chocolate aroma will not only provide a surge of strength, but also improve your mood. Chocolate ingredients are also good for the skin. You will need:

  • odorless bar soap,
  • 1 tbsp cocoa butter
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil,
  • 1 tbsp brown cane sugar.

In a small bowl, mix all the ingredients with 50 ml of fat milk and place in a water bath to completely dissolve the sugar and cocoa butter. Beat the mixture periodically with a whisk. Cool the finished shower gel and pour it into a convenient bottle with a dispenser. As you can see, preparing shower gel at home is very simple and quick. You can pre-weld the soap base and store it in a jar, each time adding different care ingredients.

The advantages of a homemade shower product are obvious - after all, having carefully selected all the components of the gel, you can be absolutely sure of its safety. Even despite the fact that high-quality essential oils are not cheap, self-made gel will cost you much cheaper than a store analogue. Experiment with the ingredients and, quite possibly, you will never return to the purchased means for the shower.

Basis and ingredients for a natural shower gel

For any cleanser, a foaming component is needed:

  1. Soap nuts - A natural ingredient for lovers of organic cosmetics. It is expensive and hard to get.
  2. Baby soap - sold anywhere and for a small amount. If purchased odorlessly, using essential oils will create an aroma for yourself. You can use baby shampoo.
  3. Separately sold surfactants: lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl sulfosuccinate. They are safe; you can buy them at soap shops.
  4. Ready concentrated base. It is not diluted, but heated and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. According to reviews, Organic Liguid Castile Soap Base is considered a good basis.

Other essentials:

  • glycerin to soften the skin,
  • dried herbs or flowers - mint, linden, St. John's wort, succession, nettle, chamomile, lemon balm.

Additional ingredients:

  1. Salt gives viscosity. Sea salt cares for the skin and exfoliates it, saturates it with useful minerals.
  2. Vitamins in liquid form (A and E) for additional care.
  3. Essential oils give a pleasant aroma. Ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon oils have a warming effect.Eucalyptus, peppermint, or pine oil will create a tonic effect. Citrus esters have an anti-cellulite effect.
  4. Base oils for skin care. Avocado and wheat germ oil are suitable for dry, grape seed oil and apricot oil for oily, peach and almond for normal.
  5. Cosmetic clay cleanses and fills the skin with minerals deeper.
  6. Honey will soften the skin and relieve irritation.

To add shades, you can add food coloring to a natural shower gel.

The benefits of homemade shower gels compared to purchased

Comparison table for home and store products.

Self madeShop Shower Gels
Natural composition - as preservatives and flavorings, essential oils, the use of food colors or their absence, soap nut - a natural foaming base.They contain chemical perfumes and foaming substances, harmful preservatives, components processed from oil, all this accumulates in the body.
As a detergent base - mildly cleansing substances.Aggressive detergent components.
All components are selected independently, this eliminates the possibility of allergies.I have to use what the manufacturer offers.
The opportunity to save - no need to overpay for the brand, expensive natural essential oils will last for a long time.There is an extra charge for the name, ingredients, advertising, transportation.
It does not irritate and does not dry the skin, has a caring effect.Irritating to skin, may cause allergic reactions.

It’s easier to buy shower gel in the store, but it’s better to spend time and make a safe product that will be pleasant to use.

Features of the preparation and use

Tips for making homemade shower gel right:

  • to heat the compositions mainly use a water bath,
  • do not use a large amount of dye, pastel shades are more pleasant,
  • purchase the safest preservative separately; natural essential oils will not retain the gel for a long time.

Important!Add essential oils according to the instructions. An overdose can cause allergies, irritation and redness of the skin.

Everyone can use homemade shower gels. In recipes for children, you should not use a lot of essential oils. An allergic reaction test must be performed before use.

Standard recipe

  1. 7 tbsp. l pour any liter of water with a liter of water and cook for 25 minutes in a water bath. Insist 10 minutes, strain. Dilute with water to make 1.8-2 liters.
  2. Rub the soap on a coarse grater, pour into a saucepan with broth. Heat over low heat, stir constantly until soap is completely dissolved. If foam appears, remove it.
  3. Cool the soap completely and add 2 tbsp. l glycerin, mix thoroughly.
  4. Add a little bit of any essential oil, add soluble vitamins.
  5. In a separate bowl, dilute the dye with a small amount of water and slowly pour into the finished mixture.
  6. Pour the gel into prepared containers. If after some time it becomes too thick, heat again and dilute with water.

How to make an organic gel with your own hands?

The method of manufacturing organic gel quite simple, does not require any special equipment, and does not take much time. Initially, you should decide what goals you want to achieve - moisturize dry skin, do scrubbing or just thoroughly cleanse the skin and enjoy the bathing process. For each of the options, certain components are added, such as essential oils, herbal decoctions, pharmacy vitamins for the skin, cosmetic clay, and more.

The great advantage of a home-made gel will be its complete composition safety, which can be completely controlled and adjusted to your needs. This allows you to experiment, show imagination and create exclusive flavors. Homemade liquid gel will be a great gift or surprise for any celebration.

The basis of the tool

The main component for any liquid product is the base. It will occupy a significant amount of volume, so choose safe and beneficial substances that affect the health of the skin. Soap nuts are considered the best of the basics, but such a pleasure is not cheap, and getting a remedy is not easy.

A professional organic gel base is available at beauty salons. It nourishes the skin well, provides hydration due to base oils, soothes the skin, and creates a dense foam.

Important! Such products should be free of lauryl sulfate.

The most budgetary basis is any high-quality baby soap. Buying it will not be a problem, in addition, it does not cause allergies, does not dry the skin. To prepare a liquid gel, you will need a baby soap without extraneous odors and chemicals.

DIY gel for kids

A liquid cleanser for children should well cleanse the skin of impurities, as well as have an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. It is important that the gel does not dry out the skin, otherwise irritation can not be avoided. The best recipe in this case will be the option with the following components: baby soap, a tablespoon of glycerin, 50 ml chamomile broth, 5 drops of lavender oil, a teaspoon of cane sugar, a teaspoon of fresh aloe juice.

Initially, grate a bar of baby soap on a grater, mix with chamomile broth and melt in a water bath. When the solution is ready, add sugar, glycerin, as well as dye to it. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved.

Advice! You can use beet juice to give the gel a color that is completely natural and safe for children.

At the end of production, you can add aloe juice and aromatic oil. Before use, make sure that the child is not allergic to these ingredients.

Top best brands

On sale you can find many branded organic gels, which are based on natural oils and herbal ingredients. Such a cosmetic line favorably affects the condition of the skin, moisturizes and nourishes it.

Consider the top manufacturers of quality products:

Pitfalls of purchased gels

When buying a particular gel for daily hygiene, you should familiarize yourself with its composition. This is done in order to avoid allergies, itching, or worsening of the skin. Hazardous components are mineral oils that are produced from refined products. After contact with the skin, these oils create an invisible film on the skin that prevents oxygen from entering the dermis and clogs the pores.

A component such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is difficult to wash out of the skin after application, should also be avoided. Another danger is an active supplement such as cocamidopropyl betaine, which is toxic to immunity.

Self-prepared gel gives you the opportunity to choose the natural and favorite components of it, so it will bring maximum benefits for the body and skin. A big plus of cooking at home is the cost-effectiveness of the product compared to cosmetic gels on sale. Organic gels with regular use will make the skin silky, soft and give pleasant moments and enjoyment of aroma.

Simple recipe

  1. Cut a piece of soap into small pieces and send to a blender.
  2. When the soap is ground, add half a glass of hot water and turn on the blender until the soap dissolves.
  3. To add water often and little by little, then it is easier to get the perfect consistency.
  4. When the composition becomes gel-like, add 5 drops of any essential oil and a tablespoon of base.

Shampoo Based Recipe

  1. Pour shampoo into a bowl and add a little water, mix.
  2. Add salt for viscosity (the amount depends on the desired density).
  3. Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix well.
  4. Pour the finished gel into a convenient bottle.

Worth remembering! It is necessary to take children's fragrance-free sulphate-free shampoo.

Cream Shower Gel

  1. Heat 150 ml of pure water to 40 degrees, gradually pour 30 ml of decyl glucoside (surfactant).
  2. Stir for 10 minutes, maintaining the desired temperature.
  3. Add 1 g of guar and 0.5 tbsp. l hemp, olive and linseed oils.
  4. Stir the composition thoroughly and cool to 20 degrees.
  5. Pour 1 g of allantoin, add a little food coloring and flavoring.
  1. Use any recipe for making the basics.
  2. Add ground coffee, oatmeal or chopped zest of any citrus.

And a few more recipes from readers of our site.

Honey Shower Gel

  • Liquid soap or soap base - 3 tablespoons
  • Fresh honey - 3 tablespoons
  • Castor oil (moisturizes the body) - 1 tablespoon
  • Olive oil (moisturizes the body) - 1 tablespoon
  • Lavender essential oil (soothes and relaxes the body) - 10 drops

Step 1. Pour 3 tablespoons of liquid soap into a jar.

Step 2 Add to it 3 tablespoons of fresh liquid honey.

Step 3 Add 1 tablespoon of each olive oil and castor oil.

Step 4 Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture.

Step 5 Using a spoon or shaker to whip the cream, mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Pour the mixture into a bottle from under the old shower gel and use daily.

Shelf life 2-3 months at room temperature.

Coconut Body Milk

  • Coconut milk (nourishes the skin) - ¼ cup
  • Liquid soap or soap base - ⅓ cup
  • Lavender essential oil - 10 drops

Add coconut milk to a bowl of liquid soap. Then 10 drops of lavender oil. Use a hand blender to beat the ingredients. Pour it into a bottle and use when you bathe.

Shelf life 1 week. Therefore, take small portions so that the product does not deteriorate.

Glycerin shower gel

  • Soap base (as in previous recipes, it can be a liquid soap or a special soap base for home soap making) - ½ cup
  • Plant glycerin (acts as a moisturizer) - 3 tbsp. l
  • Coconut oil (nourishes the skin) - 1 st. l
  • Vitamin E oil (antioxidant + increases shelf life) - 1 tsp.
  • Rose essential oil (antibacterial) - from 20 to 30 drops

Mix the ingredients and shake well with a whisk to whisk the parmelad.

Shelf life 2-3 months at room temperature.

If essential oils were not at hand, then you can use dried herbs: lavender, geranium leaves or rosemary stems.

Features of storage of natural shower gels

How to store DIY gel:

  • in a dark and cool place, best in the refrigerator,
  • the bottles should be small in dark glass,
  • close tightly so as not to dry,
  • a large amount of gel can be frozen into cubes and thawed as necessary.

Shelf life can be extended if a purchased preservative is used instead of essential oil.

Master class on making gel shower and scrub soap from mild soap

Elena, 23 years old

“I prepared a gel from children's soap, added my favorite rose oil. It smells divine, I can sit in the bathroom for hours. ”

Olga, 56 years old

“The daughter gave a home-made shower gel, it smells nice like a lemon and refreshes. Finally, there’s no allergy, like store-bought products. ”

Barbara, 35 years old

“I came across a recipe on the Internet and decided to make a shower gel myself. He stood in the refrigerator and became very thick, had to be diluted. I’ve done too much, a month later it has deteriorated. ”

Preparing a shower gel at home is not difficult. Here you can show your imagination and imagination. After some time, wonderful gift items for friends and relatives will be obtained.

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