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How to feed a puppy with a probe

Probe Feeding must be mastered by any breeder. Weakened puppies, multiple litter with a shortage of milk from the mother, if the bitch has too large nipples that are incomparable with the jaws of puppies, puppies with a wolf mouth are almost impossible to feed in any other way.

The benefits of tube feeding are:
1) accurate dosing of the right amount of milk
2) the ability to give along with food the necessary medicines or nutritional supplements
3) reduction of time for feeding (which, if necessary, frequent feedings is very significant)
4) the puppy receives food without swallowed air, which allows him not to choke on food and prevents the occurrence of air bubbles from the nose

For feeding we need:
probe (you can use the flexible part of the system for a dropper or a nasogastric tube for premature babies)
syringe for 10 cubes
- a container with a mixture for feeding (freshly bred milk for puppies, mother’s milk or a mixture according to one of the recipes - see here)

Feeding process:
1) First, make a mark on the probe (using a patch or brilliant green), until which we will introduce his puppy. To do this, measure the distance from the puppy's lips to the last rib (the puppy is lying on the table in a free extended position), as the puppy grows older, the measurement changes
2) For the procedure of feeding the puppy, we place it on the table or hold it on our knees
3) hold the puppy with your left hand, opening your mouth with your thumb and forefinger
4) with your right hand, gently insert the probe into the puppy's mouth (the probe can be pre-lubricated with oil) to the point we need (if for some reason the probe fell into the trachea and the puppy began to cough and gasp, pull everything back out and try again after a short period of time)
5) introducing the probe, take the syringe, attach and pull the piston toward you, the contents of the stomach should be sucked in: yellow. juice or curd milk
6) now you can proceed directly to feeding
7) disconnect the syringe and draw the right amount of mixture, then reconnect the syringe and slowly introduce the fluid into the puppy’s stomach
8) pull the probe out
9) massage the puppy’s stomach in a circular motion clockwise and put in the nest
10) after feeding is complete, rinse the probe under running hot water and pour over boiling water, put in a clean container with a lid until the next feeding

When puppies grow up, you can switch to bottle feeding