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How to dance tectonics


The presented video course will show you how to quickly learn how to dance tectonics right now, and it’s absolutely free.

Since your goal is to learn tectonics as quickly as possible, we recommend that you exercise 2 times a day (at least 5 hours apart) or arrange yourself an intensive training session for 2-3 hours (as you feel).

Break the video course at 2 videos per day. Thus, already in 14 days (depending on your physical form) you will see the first results. Of course, in order to gain plasticity and confidence in movements, you need at least a month and a half, depending on the individual characteristics of the body and your physical form.

After learning the basics and theory (around day 15), start learning the ligaments. They will give you the opportunity to work out movements as much as possible in practice. For each bunch, we recommend taking 1 day and the next day, be sure to check whether you remember its implementation.

Distribution Edit

In 2007, Tectonic first goes to the general public at the festival Paris Techno Parade September 15, 2007. Through widespread distribution through video sharing services such as YouTube, Tectonic is gaining new fans. The most famous creators of tectonic music are Dess, Miss Hiroko, Lady Tom and others.

Through the efforts of the art director of Metropolis Cyril Blanc and other organizers, Tektonik is becoming a trademark. Compilations appear since 2006 Tecktonik Killer. An energy drink of the same name is produced and a wide range of products with Tectonics symbols: T-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, laces, etc. This causes rejection by some dancers, as a result of which they begin to perform on the street, and not at parties. The media, which have long neglected this style of music and Tectonics parties, are beginning to become actively interested in them. Hundreds of videos from clubs with young dancers or records of dance battles arranged on the streets and in dance clubs appear on the Internet.

Our time Edit

First generation Tecktonik wore shoes with flat soles - famous Buffalo. They also usually wore white gloves and held a nipple in their mouths. Over time, this “club culture” underwent a change with the development of such social phenomena as reality shows, the growth of social networks such as Myspace and blogs (Caramail, Skyblogs...) and thanks to individualism and the desire to be the best and original. Young clubbers began to take to the streets more often and arrange battles on Electro Dance (Tectonics) outside clubs, like the once-famous Hip-Hop and break dance battles. Each clubber stylizes himself according to fashion.

Tecktonik movement is based primarily on music Hardtechcoming from the countries of Northern Europe. In Tectonics, sound is becoming more “commercial” and more accessible. Dance was often compared to Jumpstyle, which has existed since 1992 in Belgium. However, clubbers are not “Jumpeurs,” they use their hands, borrowing movements from Vogging and break-dance, but originality and novelty remain in their dance.

Musical culture spreads through albums Tecktonik killer. The emblem of the movement is the so-called. Reichsadler (imperial eagle) - a stylized Roman and Gothic eagle (see illustration).

Styles Edit

In Tectonics, several styles are sometimes distinguished: Tecktonik Killer, Tecktonik, Vertigo, Tecktonik-mix, New Electro Style. .

They can be divided into two groups:

  • “Heavy” Tecktonik Killer - (Vertigo),
  • Soft Tecktonik

The typical appearance of Tectonics dancers is narrowed jeans, trousers, a tight-fitting short T-shirt with some kind of pattern (most often with tectonic symbols), a white belt, wristbands, leggings of bright colors on their hands, basketball-style sneakers Dunkyused black and white shahovnitsy. Dancers also usually wear a “futuristic”, and sometimes even a “gothic” hairstyle.

New people coming into this dance movement brought democracy to their clothing choices. Now a tectonic dancer can wear anything from a hoodie and wide cotton pants to shorts (mainly in team appearances) and a naked torso. Many people have their own sense of style, which makes this dance more interesting. True original tectoners say it's best to leave the style as it appeared.

Critics of Tectonics point out that Tectonics is not a dance, but a commercial brand. Since 2006, Tecktonik Killer compilations have appeared. An energy drink of the same name is produced and a wide range of products with Tectonics symbols: T-shirts, baseball caps, sweaters, shoelaces, etc.

It is also noted that at present, Tectonic is becoming a fashion, lifestyle, a means for young people to identify themselves in a team. The movement inevitably suffers from mass. There is still much to be improved in music, dance and clothing style. Critics point to the stylistic amorphism and eclecticism of Tectonics, emphasize that the foot movements in the dance are poorly developed.

Sometimes, due to the symbolism of Tectonics, participants in the movement are associated with neo-fascists. However, the emblem of the movement - the imperial eagle - from the Middle Ages in Germany symbolizes power, happiness and strength. Today, the eagle is used throughout the world as a heraldic symbol and cannot be directly associated with Nazism. According to supporters, the eagle symbol was chosen solely for aesthetic reasons, and Tektonik has no special ideology and does not represent the views of the middle layer, which occupies an intermediate position between wealthy Parisians and the mass audience of Hip-Hop culture.

A bit of history

The dance movement, which arose at the beginning of the 21st century and combines such trends as techno, hip-hop, jumpstyle, etc., boasts its uniqueness. Tectonic is a modern dance that is part of a separate culture. This word has long become almost a brand, and they often call it not only the style of dance, but also certain styles in music. Modern young people dance tectonics everywhere: on the street, in clubs, on stages, in underpasses and even at home.

The direction became widely known in 2007 thanks to the videos from the Techno Parade Paris festival in France, which circled the whole world.

This was the reason for the appearance of many fans and followers of tectonics in every point of the globe. It is not necessary to think that only young people were among this audience. Dance is able to attract the attention of a representative of any age. It is hard to walk past the dancing guys without stopping to look at them. A little later, we will discuss how to learn how to dance tectonics.

France or Belgium?

Quite widespread in certain circles is a debate about where tectonics originated from - from Belgium or from France. Many are inclined to believe that it was Belgium that served as the “springboard” for the subsequent development of tectonics in the world. Young people danced in the style of Jumpstyle, working with their feet to the beat of the bass to various music, including Eurodance and Eurotrance.

In parallel with this, in the French club Metropolis, young people, introducing newness during the dance culture, actively moved to energetic music, learning the first tectonics lessons during Tektonik Killer parties. However, supporters of Belgian descent consider the French wave of tectonics an imitation of Belgian sentiments.

Where to begin?

One of the questions that our reader will have is: "How to learn to dance tectonics?" This question is the reason for part of our discussion. But soon the reader will come up with the question of whether it is possible to do this and how to dance tectonics at home. Such an environment in most cases is more desirable for any person, no matter what he studies. But in this case, do not forget that home conditions limit you in the level of those goals that you can try to realize in the direction of tectonics. After all, it is one thing to prepare at home, to dance for yourself, for your pleasure, and to be ready to enter the local dance floor on the weekend, and another to set the goal to master professional skills at the highest level. In the second case, home exercises can serve as a beginning at best, and then a direct road to special professional dance schools.

First of all, pay attention to music. Perhaps there are dances that can be learned without her, but this is not tectonics. Music must be felt. Do not worry if you have hearing problems. This business is fixable, and it can be worked out. Not without reason, many dancers at the stage of training are given the task of clapping to the beat of the melody, tapping it. This creates a sense of rhythm in the dancer. It is necessary to immerse yourself in music, to feel separate notes of various instruments in it. Having learned to predict the next measure during the composition, you can safely begin to learn the lessons of tectonics.

What kind of music to choose?

Tectonics movements are predominantly energetic, and the music should be appropriate. For starters, a couple of tracks selected on this topic will be enough. Having become accustomed to them with both hearing and body, it will be possible to try to work out movements for other compositions as well. You can search for thematic mixes or albums with names such as Electro dance, Tektonik killer, etc. In the modern world and with such a progressive use of the Internet, it will not be difficult to find many suitable options. For example, teachers of the largest school of tectonics in Russia presented their musical offers at the distribution of First Pro Tutorial. And these guys probably know how to dance tectonics. You can see other options. Start with a simple one and a small one: filter out among all the composition that you like most, and get involved in practicing the rhythm and comprehending the movements. But in order to keep up with the times and keep up with musical trends, it is useful to try to find fresh works. And the fresher, the better.

Useful with pleasant

A very important point is the development of plastics, flexibility, strength endurance and so on. Like any load, the dance, especially such an active one, requires good general physical fitness. If there are difficulties with this, the desire to learn how to dance tectonics can serve as a good motivator for action.

And the better the student will be in, the easier it will be for him to dance. And the better and more energetic he will dance, the better he will develop physically. Such a positively vicious circle with interdependent circumstances that allow a person to successfully improve in parallel directions. The formula is simple: we learn to dance tectonics - we bring ourselves in good physical shape. However, we should not forget that everything should be in moderation, and you need to start, as in sports, gradually, without fanaticism.

Important details

Remembering that we decided to learn to dance at home, we should take into account a number of factors, which at first glance are insignificant. The most important circumstance that should not be forgotten is, most likely, the presence of your neighbors. And beyond the walls, and the floor below. If it is more difficult to solve the problem with the walls, then you can put a carpet on the floor or purchase a thick gymnastic mat. In any case, this way you will feel much freer.

One of the most necessary elements will be an ordinary mirror. It will be very important to look at yourself while doing the ligaments. This will be especially acute at first. Pay attention to the quality of musical equipment. Due to its unimportant quality, after a week, or even much earlier, the taste for your new passion may disappear without letting it open. In this case, the best solution, I think, is really to find a dance school or a group of like-minded people who organized their club or company with a place for training.

Getting ready, warming up

If your memory has already erased how and when the last time you went in for sports, it is very important to pay attention to high-quality warm-up and warming up of muscles and joints. You can devote time to this before you begin to learn how to learn how to dance tectonics, and before you start directly to dance training.

It will be useful to remember the inclinations to the floor, without bending your knees, sitting, stretching alternately to the left and right legs apart, remember the "bridge", and you should not ignore the elbow joints and spine. Good fitness will play a good role in terms of coordination of movements.

Workout Elements

Starting directly to the performance of dance movements, we must remember that here, like any sport, has its own special exercises. To develop coordination of movements, juggling is well suited. For starters, you can arm yourself with tennis balls or small balls and try to catch them, taking turns tossing them in front of you. Gradually developing coordination of movements and confidence, you need to eventually come to the point of doing this in the rhythm of playing music. Careful attention should be paid to training the legs, since they take part in all movements, and taking into account the fact that rhythm control also lies on them, this cannot be neglected.

The next object of attention of the student should be hands. Objectively, they play a smaller role than the legs, but from the side the eye catches in the first place, as a rule, namely the work of the hands. It is recommended to study and train the movements of the arms and legs separately, and when they are already honed to perfection - combine them.

The main source for compiling a training program and a set of special exercises will be video tutorials. It will be great if acquaintances are also fond of this dance - it will be possible to share experience with each other and learn something else.

First fruits and changes

The main thing is persistence and an unstoppable desire to bring the idea to the end. Manifesting these qualities, a person necessarily wins, and his first victories begin with himself. After all, he often finds laziness or just does not want anything, but it is important not to give in and methodically, step by step, to go to the goal. And you will certainly reach. Lyrics - lyrics, and regular classes will definitely teach you to dance. In parallel with doing the exercises, you can study the culture of the tectonics style and update your wardrobe a little. For a more complete picture. Why not? Initially, dancing tectonics wore tight jeans, a short T-shirt or a tight-fitting T-shirt (often with symbols of tectonics or bright colors), a white belt, basketball sneakers and bright leggings.

Also an indispensable attribute are the wristlets on the hands. However, these days, more and more often you can see dancers who do not correspond to the original dress code. And the main and unchanging aspect is the convenience of dancing.


Since you held the first lesson in tectonics for beginners, a certain amount of time has passed, and you already know something. Enough to confidently go to the dance floor and realize the first fruits of their classes. Any undertaking must be brought to some logical result, and the result of this does not have to be a star from the sky. The most important thing is a feeling of inner harmony and pleasure from achieving your goals. Having absorbed new skills and abilities, we can successfully develop them or take on new tasks. Dance is art, tectonics is its element. Having comprehended even a particle of this art, you will certainly become a cut above that when you first began to be interested in how to learn to dance tectonics.