Useful Tips

I feel not comfortable among people

1. Make yourself take a step.

For example, try to shake someone’s hand first, wave your hand, greet someone. So you can become more confident or increase your confidence.

2. Do not be afraid to be refused.

You are not doing anything strange by taking the first step. You are just trying to be friendly :)

3. Take a deep breath.

If you are near a stranger and feel uncomfortable, take a deep breath to relax.

4 Smile.

A smile will relieve tension between you and the person you are talking to. It is useful for self-rest. And especially for a stranger.

5. And do not forget - a person can be nervous, just like you.

You need to calm yourself, as well as the one with whom you are talking.

6. Find a way to talk about common interests.

The same favorite TV show? Same favorite color? Like the same celebrities? This will simplify communication, and also help to understand that you guys are on the same side.

7. Try not to reject the conversation.

If someone is trying to start a conversation with you, try to imagine that this is one of your friends. If you feel really awkward, try to end the conversation harmlessly (perhaps by apologizing that you do not have time to talk because there are some urgent matters).

8. If you are still tense and nervous, try rehearsing in front of the mirror before going out.

This will help you explain yourself clearly and increase your self-esteem.

Smirnova Alexandra Vladimirovna

I am an open, confident, sociable girl, I communicate with everyone with PLEASURE, what I was up to 14 years old

If it weren’t for this circumstance, I would have thought that you are an introvert, who does not prioritize communication with a large circle of people, who feels good in silence and loneliness. But you were a sociable, confident girl. What happened to yours? What could affect your self-esteem? Why are you afraid of condemnation?

I'm sitting at home on the weekend no forces and the desire to go nowhere. I do not want to see peopleI'm very tired from them within a week.

You should probably undergo a medical examination before looking for psychological reasons for your condition.

But I also recommend that you take the self-determination test for depression:

Smirnova Alexandra Vladimirovna, psychologist / gestalt therapist in Moscow