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Massage with sinusitis, the benefits of massage of the nose with sinusitis and frontal sinusitis

Sinusitis is a type of sinusitis and is an inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) sinus. In this regard, sometimes it is often called maxillary sinusitis. Symptoms: difficulty in nasal breathing, nasal discharge, headaches of varying degrees, localized mainly in the forehead and eye sockets, fever, malaise, chills, sneezing, poor sleep, lack of appetite, lacrimation, etc.

A full-fledged treatment of sinusitis by massage alone is impossible, but it is able to relieve pain symptoms, improve the flow of nutrients and blood to the tissues of the nose, and improve the general condition of the patient.

Causes and development of sinusitis

Sinusitis usually occurs due to infection in the nasal cavity. In this case, the infection can get there not only during breathing, but also through the blood.

Most often, the disease develops against the background of repeated, that is, untreated rhinitis or colds. Due to the fact that the maxillary sinuses anatomically communicate with the nasal and oral cavities, the orbit, with inflammation, the vessels and mucous membrane of these sinuses are primarily affected. When the inflammation is transmitted to the bone, on which the maxillary sinuses border, the disease becomes chronic.

Other possible causes of sinusitis are:

  • damage to the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses,
  • body hypothermia,
  • work in hazardous production conditions (fumes of chemicals, hot, dry air, etc.),
  • poor oral hygiene, untreated teeth,
  • secretory gland dysfunction,
  • improper structure of the upper respiratory tract,
  • damage to the nasal septum,
  • allergic conditions, etc.

Quite a frequent phenomenon, when people with a runny nose constantly use vasoconstrictor drugs (drops in the nose) uncontrollably, which leads to the accumulation of a large amount of mucus in the maxillary sinuses. And as a result, sinusitis develops.

Sinusitis can be acute and chronic. You need to be very responsible about your health, because running sinusitis can lead to a variety of diseases, affecting vision, joints, kidneys, heart, brain. In especially difficult cases, even sepsis (blood poisoning) is possible.

Sinusitis treatment

The treatment of the disease includes two main principles:

  • outflow of accumulated mucus from the sinus,
  • elimination of the focus of infection.

In addition to medical treatment aimed at eliminating various manifestations of the disease (antipyretic at elevated body temperature, antihistamines for allergies, vasoconstrictor drugs to reduce mucosal edema, antibiotics, etc.), depending on the patient’s condition and the cause of the disease, the following can be recommended:

Physiotherapeutic procedures:


  • conhotomy (partial or complete removal of the nasal mucosa to facilitate breathing),
  • septoplasty (correction of a curved nasal septum),
  • polypotomy (removal of polyps in the nose),
  • removal of a carious tooth, etc.

If tooth decay or a curved septum is the root cause of sinusitis, then it is eliminated first.


  • point
  • face massage,
  • segmented reflex,
  • relaxing.

Why and how often is acupressure performed

Acupressure for sinusitis (acupressure) improves metabolic processes and contributes to a greater supply and saturation of tissues with oxygen. With the right massage, it is possible not only to improve the general condition of the patient, but to relieve the acute manifestations of the disease at the local level. It is precisely because of this that the acupressure technique is actively used in the treatment of various pathologies of ENT organs, including sinusitis.

Acupuncture with sinusitis is similar to technique with a common cold, with a difference only at the points of exposure. As a rule, in the absence of contraindications for such a massage, relief comes after a couple of sessions.

In order to obtain the best effect from massage, it is recommended to perform it at least 3 times a day. The course of acupuncture with sinusitis, as a rule, is about 10 days.

It is important
1. Massage is not the main treatment for sinusitis, it is just an addition to drug therapy.
2. After a puncture, as well as surgery, acupressure of the nose is strictly prohibited!
3. A direct effect on the maxillary sinus is also prohibited in the presence of purulent inflammation!

Sinusitis: massage points

The main technique for massaging points is soft rotational stroking. The average duration of exposure at each point is about 5 minutes.

There are 6 main points for a soothing acupressure for sinusitis:

roomName of point (s)How to find
1Sy-byeThese are the main points (nose massage for sinusitis). Mentally draw vertical lines from the pupils of the eyes down 1.2 cm and you will find the points Sai-buy, which are located on the lower edges of the eye sockets
2Shan xingFind the point in the middle of the distance between the eyebrows, mentally draw a vertical line through it up to the hairline. From this point from the hairline, rise vertically another half of your index finger up to the back of the head and you will reach the point of Shang-sing
3Mei-chunFrom the beginning of each eyebrow, measure vertically up one phalanx of your finger and you will reach the points of Mei-chun
4Fei ShuTilt your head forward, find the 7th cervical vertebra, count out another 3 vertebrae. From this place to the left and right at a distance of two fingers thick symmetrically there are Fei-shu points. Note: the patient lies on his stomach, the massage is performed by another person
5Feng chiTilt your head forward and find symmetrical points located in the grooves between the two muscles connecting the base of the skull
6Le zuePlace your hand palm up and find a point just above the middle fold of the wrist on the side of the thumb. With the second hand, everything is similar. These will be the points of Le Tzue

For symmetrical points (all except number 2), it is necessary to carry out their simultaneous massage. If this is not possible, then take turns (for example, points 6).

Acupressure of the nose: contraindications

Like physiotherapeutic procedures, massage of the nose (sinuses) with sinusitis has its contraindications. So, it is not carried out with:

  • blood diseases
  • feverish conditions
  • mental disorders
  • pregnancy
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage,
  • menses,
  • atmospheric pressure differences,
  • alcohol or toxic poisoning,
  • age of patients up to a year, as well as the elderly.

Prevention of sinusitis

In order to prevent the development of sinusitis, it is desirable:

  • take vitamins, strengthen the body as a whole,
  • to make walks in the fresh air, while it is important to dress in accordance with the weather,
  • do sports, do exercises in the morning,
  • to refuse from bad habits,
  • eat healthy
  • Perform special breathing exercises
  • prevent the development of a runny nose or SARS, if they occur, immediately begin competent treatment,
  • avoid drafts, do not overcool,
  • with a defect in the nasal septum, do not refuse septoplasty (surgery).

Indications and contraindications

Massage with sinusitis is always recommended. It is very good if you can stop the first symptoms of sinusitis. Timely assistance to the patient will increase the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment. Often the disease is difficult to calculate right away. But if a person complains of difficulties with breathing, and also feels putrid odor and smack on the mucous membrane, this is an occasion to go to the hospital. It is not recommended to be limited only to massage and expect that it will help to completely get rid of the problem. In this case, antibiotic therapy is indispensable.

Chronic sinusitis is also useful to partially block massage. In this case, a person experiences constant difficulties with breathing. A set of correctly selected movements will help relieve symptoms. From the residual manifestations of the disease, correctly performed actions are perfect.

Doctors recommend combining massage and physiotherapy. Patients are prescribed electrophoresis, laser, magnetic therapy. But the benefits of massage will be only in the absence of contraindications:

  • acute infections
  • bacterial or purulent sinusitis,
  • complications of sinusitis,
  • malignant tumors
  • leukemia and other blood diseases,
  • pregnancy,
  • neurological disorders.

During temperature, massage is contraindicated. It is also worthwhile to understand that in parallel you need to use antibacterial therapy and not hope that only a set of movements will help overcome the pain. All this can lead to the fact that sinusitis goes into a chronic form. In the future, these are breathing problems, complexes due to the fact that society has to hide congestion. It is important to immediately begin treatment and protect yourself from problems.

Important! Care should be taken to massage if the patient has many moles on the face where the manipulations will be performed. There is a risk of injury to them. It is better to refuse massage or to entrust to the professional.

The benefits of massage

Massage of the nose with sinusitis eliminates congestion. Pus accumulates in the sinus area, which makes breathing difficult. Its consistency is thick, so it is difficult for the patient to blow his nose. The longer the pus is inside, the more difficult it is for it to go out. And the more inflammation becomes. By clicking on the skin, you can warm the affected area for the release of mucus.

A systematic massage of the sinuses of the nose with sinusitis relieves pain. Mucus, accumulating in the nose, presses on the skull, causing discomfort. Simple movements allow you to distribute pressure, and a person feels better. Although the first procedure can be unpleasant. But you can understand which sinus is more inflamed. Then she needs to pay more attention, performing a home massage.

Types of massage for sinusitis

There are three types of massage: acupressure, therapeutic and soothing. They are carried out taking into account points on the patient's face. Acupuncture became the basis for the creation of the techniques, the action of which is also based on the precise study of problem areas. But in the acute stage, a soothing massage is useful, and the therapeutic one is indicated during rehabilitation. Acupressure is more difficult, but it can be done at any time.

Scientists have proven that the body is divided into zones, each of which is associated with an internal organ. This means that the body can be affected even from the outside, using mechanical irritation of the points. As a result, blood circulation is enhanced, oxygen nourishes cells and tissues better, metabolism is accelerated, which increases the chances of recovery. Acupressure for sinusitis leads to the regeneration of the epithelium in the mucosa. The sinuses are relieved of mucus and the condition improves.

The points responsible for the nose are on the body:

  • an area 10-12 mm from the lower eyelid,
  • the area above the wrinkle on the wrist,
  • a point in the back of the head at 6-7 cm behind the ear,
  • an area on the back on either side of the spine, located between the shoulder blades.

Relief in case of illness gives a light massage of the hair growth zone. This provides a relaxing effect and relieves pain.

Massage techniques

You can work out points in different ways:

  1. Press on the affected area with the middle finger, bending the index finger and pressing it to the worker.
  2. The compression force is gradually increased and we fix the finger for 40-50 seconds. You need to move it a little so that the patient senses vibration.
  3. Pressure needs to be weakened.
  4. Next, with a short fingertip, you need to slightly prick the area in which the patient feels pain. There will be a slight numbness - this is normal.
  5. Knead with your thumb. Helical movements. After 1-2 procedures, you can see the effect.

You need to act only on certain points. We will talk about them below when we talk about acupressure massage techniques.

Massage Therapy Technique

Therapeutic massage for sinusitis is based on the connection of the nervous system and skin. Therefore, it is possible to influence the body and get a response. In the process of recovery, it is useful to massage the collar zone. But this prohibits the acute stage - you can worsen the course of the disease.

The effect is observed immediately. The movement of blood in the maxillary sinuses improves, which facilitates breathing, accelerates the elimination of mucus and removes pain. Metabolic processes are activated, immunity increases, and the affected tissue is restored faster. Conducting therapeutic massage for sinusitis is with the main therapy.

Several areas can be worked out:

  1. A point in the interbrow space eliminates edema.
  2. On both sides of the bridge of the nose are points that help treat sinusitis.
  3. There are hollows near the wings of the nose, which are also worth massaging to remove nasal congestion.
  4. Under the pupils near the cheekbones there are points that are associated with the sinuses.
  5. If frontal sinusitis causes migraine, you can massage the point at the base of the skull in the cavity.

Soothing Massage Technique

A relaxing massage for sinusitis at home is used along with the main course of treatment. The sinus is relieved of mucus and the pain goes away.

For this massage you need to work out the following areas:

  1. The cheekbones are massaged in a sitting position.
  2. Massage is performed under the base of the skull. The head needs to be tilted down.
  3. The inner part of the wrist is also associated with the maxillary sinuses. The patient's hands point down and push on this area.

Massage Features

The main condition is to do everything slowly, because massage should relax a person. Rotational movements are shown. It is better to carry out the procedure at least three times a day. If a person feels pain and a slight pulsation, everything is done right.

The effect can occur after several sessions or immediately.


Acupressure for sinusitis at home can always be performed, but after a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

The following points need to be worked out:

  • the area between the eyebrows
  • forehead center
  • base of skull,
  • zygomatic bone in the area perpendicular to the pupil,
  • nose wings
  • lumbar vertebrae
  • an area at the wrist that is 6 cm above the thumb.

Massage with frontitis takes into account the points of tenu and yoti. They came to domestic practice from Chinese acupuncture. The yoti point is located in the center of the brush on the back. It needs to be massaged for 3-4 seconds in 3 repetitions. Tenu - a point near the edge of the hairline.

To maximize the effectiveness of acupressure, it is important to know:

  1. Movements are performed clockwise.
  2. It is better to massage in the morning.
  3. The face and hands are massaged when the patient is sitting.
  4. Duration - 10 minutes.

The effect of acupressure is manifested by an improvement in lymph flow. Puffiness passes, pain disappears. Proper execution leads to a relief of the patient’s condition after 2-3 days.

When to start sessions

It is better to first talk with your doctor and find out that there are no contraindications. Treatment should be started gradually. One procedure is enough to check the patient's response. If the condition is stable, the number of sessions is increased. The course lasts 10-14 days.

Important! If the condition worsens during the massage, it is stopped. The patient needs to go to the hospital. The specialist will determine what the problem is and adjust the set of movements to help alleviate the condition.

It is very important not to replace the main treatment with massage. Sinusitis is a dangerous disease that is eliminated with the help of medications. Today it is possible thanks to new solutions. Each patient can count on qualified help and a quick recovery. A massage will be a great addition to basic care.

How to massage

In order for a nose massage with sinusitis to be effective, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Massage is done while sitting or lying down, before the procedure it is recommended to sit quietly and relax for several minutes. Hands should be warm.

You need to press on the points with the pads of the thumb and forefinger, the effect should be smooth. First, massage the points should be easy, gradually increasing the intensity. Pressing the skin should be palpable, but not bring pain. The movements during the massage are circular, clockwise.

Before starting the procedure, you need to cleanse your skin from cosmetics and apply a nourishing cream. It is necessary to monitor breathing, it should be even and deep. Each point needs to be affected for 5-7 minutes. If sharp pain appears at the site of pressing, or nosebleeds develop, massage should be stopped immediately.

First, the procedure is carried out once a day, then repeated in the morning and in the evening, and in the future the ratio is increased to three times a day. Massage should be done daily for two weeks.

Before proceeding with the procedure, you should consult your doctor.

It must be remembered that massage is an auxiliary treatment of sinusitis, and it does not replace the use of drugs.

It must be remembered that massage is an auxiliary treatment of sinusitis, and it does not replace the use of drugs. Поскольку возбудителем заболевания в большинстве случаев являются бактерии, врач должен назначить терапию антибиотиками.The drug, its dosage and regimen are selected individually.

Massage points

In order for the procedure to be effective, it is necessary to determine the points of impact:

  • between the eyebrows: clicking on this point helps to relieve headache and reduce swelling,
  • in the center of the forehead: eliminates muscle tension and reduces headache intensity,
  • in the cheekbone perpendicular to the pupil: improves the passage of the contents of the maxillary sinuses,
  • under the eyes in the region of the maxillary sinuses: can improve blood circulation in this area,
  • at the wings of the nose: helps to eliminate nasal congestion and restore nasal breathing,
  • at the base of the skull: reduces headache
  • between sternum and collarbone: improves secretion outflow and promotes expectoration.

In order to improve the general condition, you can additionally have a soothing massage: gently and gently massage the cheekbones, avoiding the area close to the eyes, the procedure should be carried out lying down, press the points at the same time, sitting on a chair, rest your elbow on the table and lower your hand palm down, massage gently relaxed wrist, lightly massage the eyebrow from the side of the eye.

Also effective is the effect on the area between the shoulder blades, between the third and fourth thoracic vertebrae. Massage should last 5-10 minutes. The procedure is carried out daily for a week.


Acupressure for sinusitis is not recommended in the following cases:

  • dermatological diseases, skin rash or warts,
  • blood diseases
  • the presence of large moles at the site of exposure,
  • infectious diseases that are accompanied by fever,
  • psychical deviations,
  • epilepsy,
  • oncological diseases,
  • pregnancy.

Before starting the procedure, you need to cleanse your skin from cosmetics and apply a nourishing cream.

It is not necessary, without the availability of appropriate knowledge and skills, to do the massage yourself for the child. At the first signs of the disease in children, it is urgent to seek the advice of an otolaryngologist or pediatrician.

Massage accelerates recovery and alleviates sinusitis symptoms. Despite the fact that it can bring significant benefits, it should be carried out only after consultation with the doctor.

We offer to watch a video about massage with sinusitis at home.

Education: Rostov State Medical University, specialty "General Medicine".

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