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How to tell a man that I want intimacy and sex with him


Many girls ask themselves: "How to hint a guy that you want him? What needs to be done so that the young man understands everything literally without words?". Let's find out how to reach out to a loved one and move to a new stage in a relationship. The most popular ways from banal and obvious to ridiculous and unpredictable.

Say directly

This is not a joke at all when they say that men do not understand hints. Therefore, girls think about how to hint a guy that they want sex, because random signs absolutely do not tell them anything.

Sometimes the easiest way to reach a future partner is to say directly. More precisely, talk on intimate topics and do not be shy about it. It is enough to start with the question of experience and former relationships, gradually liberating yourself and him, talking about sexual fantasies. When your relationship reaches a peak of trust, you can enter a new phase and start talking directly about sex.

An interesting fact: guys say that it is much easier for girls to cross this barrier, which fetters and embarrasses. As a rule, men can avoid kissing and careless touching for months so as not to injure the girl, while the fair sex begins to use all the means at hand - sexy tight clothes, causing poses, erotic messages at night with exciting pictures. In our society, a girl will not be called a pervert if she shares her nude photo, when men can be in a very ridiculous situation.

"Random" touches

How to hint a guy that you want him and what needs to be done for this? It is enough to show assertiveness and courage, not to be afraid that you will be misunderstood. To do this, whenever possible, touch your partner. If you have already overcome the first kiss, then all other gestures will only break the wall between you and take a step closer to each other.

You need to touch gently and accurately, without causing pain or inconvenience. You can take your hand while crossing the road and smiling coquettishly, saying that you are afraid of cars. You can also buy over the shoulder if the guy shows you a photo on the phone. Take a moment while on a date in a coffee shop or restaurant - sweep your hand across your cheek or shirt, as if you were removing small crumbs. But at the same time, you must ensure that the young man does not get offended by your actions. Perhaps a simple gesture will shame him and make him doubt himself. Always be guided by one truth: before hinting at intimacy with a touch or glance, evaluate how it looks from the outside.

What exactly to say to a man so that he understands that you want intimacy with him.

If you are in a crowded place, you can use the following phrases:

- Now, if we were one on one with you, and nobody was next to us, I would take everything from you that you have, saddled you, and we would have unforgettable sex.

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- despite the fact that I am a decent lady, your ass in these jeans haunts me

- I'm just going crazy from your one look and gentle hugs. And a hand on the waist, but I want it to be even lower.

- I thought that without panties it would be much more convenient for me and not only for me, do you want to check it?

- you are so exciting me, I look at you and different thoughts and fantasies climb into your head, do you want to turn your thoughts into reality?

- your smell drives me crazy, I can not resist this smell turns me on more and more ...

- I very much wish ... and what I wish, guess. The object of my desire is nearby, and my eyes are fixed on him.

- I am modest and gentle, and in bed with you I want passion ...

- beloved today, I will be for you a bad girl to be punished for bad behavior!

How to hint a man about intimacy at home in the evening?

- you are my virtuoso! I want to feel today all the subtleties and characteristics of lust and debauchery, immerse me in this world with your head!

- today the most desirable music that I want to hear is the creaking of the bed intertwined with our moans.

- Does your ship’s anchor want to plunge into the abyss of pleasure?

- today the whole day a voice constantly sounded in my head that wants me to surrender to you today

- Does your little animal want to come to my house today?

- I want you to take me today as an insatiable maniac

- if the walls could hear my intimate thoughts to you, they would just fall with delight!

- forget about everything that bothers you and let's plunge into the world of passion and pleasure.

If you want to excite a man even more, then you need to put your hand into your hair, bite your lower lip slightly and say the name of the man with an excited and muffled voice.

There is a contact!

Psychology answers the popular question of how to hint a guy that he wants to kiss him. For those who are particularly shy, this method will be extremely painful, because you will have to make eye contact, while playing with your eyes, like a cat.

To begin with, the best way to hint is to sneak a glance at the partner’s eye, and then switch to total contact when you not only look into the eyes of a man, but also inadvertently take exciting actions. For example, you can smoothly straighten your hair, gently lick your lips, straighten the strap of a dress or top, and gently smooth out a skirt. A man, maybe unconsciously, but will definitely notice these gestures.

Very, very intimate.

What if you have already spent several crazy nights, but can not step into a new stage? And how to hint a guy that you want Cooney? It would seem that only married ladies who have been married for 5-10-15 years should ask for this. However, cunnilingus is one way of satisfaction, and there is nothing shameful about it. Again, for those who are particularly shy, this experience will be not only painful, but also difficult. However, smart men use modest girls, insistently demanding to satisfy them. Only now the stronger sex does not hint that he wants a blowjob, but loudly and distinctly confronts the fact.

  • Firstly, you should not be afraid to talk about your desires, and the more often you will discuss vulgar thoughts, poses and new experiences as a couple, the easier it will be for both to relax in bed.
  • Secondly, tell your man that cunnilingus excites you and after oral caress you are ready to do anything. This advice is suitable for those girls who do not know how to hint a guy that you want a blowjob.
  • Thirdly, if your young man is squeamish or shy, you can insist on a new experience. For example, in the Kama Sutra there is an excellent pose "69", where you can not only get a nice Cooney, but also orally satisfy your man.

Minor gestures during a conversation

If you want to learn how to hint a guy what you want him to do and what you need to do in this case, then you need to learn how to make minor but important gestures. For example, cross your legs during a conversation, but without stooping or looking away. Watch your gait and how your hips move. On a date, watch your speech: do not use rude words, try to restrain too loud and ridiculous laughter, do not raise your voice, but rather, speak in a sweet and languid voice.

To produce the maximum effect - you can go on a date with the collected hair, and then suddenly dissolve them. You can achieve the same effect if you take off your jacket in a hot room, leaving yourself only a tight-fitting dress.

Kiss mi my dear

Let's find out how to hint a guy that you want him. What do you need to do for this? It's simple: to kiss - because it excites, brings together and satisfies. During a gentle kiss, become a passionate priestess who is ready to devour the whole man. Do not be afraid to wrap his arms around his waist, squeezing his hands slightly and digging his nails into the skin - this will only cheer up the guy.

Try the French kiss technique using tongues, touch your neck and run your hands through your hair. And if your young man is shy, then do not be afraid to control him and lead him, as if in a dance. If necessary, put his hand on his hips, lower them a little lower, and push yourself as close as possible. Let these actions and do not speak directly about sex and intimacy, but instincts will do the job - the man will begin to get excited and crave you.

A small cheat sheet that helps you hint a man about intimacy.

These phrases will help rekindle each other's desire.

- Today I will be a teacher, and you are a bad student who will work out a deuce for behavior.

- something became a little boring, maybe we can play a little? But only the games that adults play!

- Today I fell in the rain, so wet and cold. I can’t warm myself, will you help me? Let's go to the bed and bask in friction

- not one end of a fairy tale can not be compared with the end of our magical night!

- my gray wolf, take me; I am your little red riding hood.

“I want you so much for you to take me, and I’m trembling and not from the cold, but from the excitement, I want you so much.”

- may I be a sinner, but with you I am always ready to sin, for the sake of heavenly pleasure.

- And you, too, when you start thinking about me, do you start up?

SMS that a man needs to write to make it clear that you want proximity.

- in your hands I will become an instrument that only with you can produce a unique melody.

“Would you like to fool around tonight?”

- my beloved I urgently need your help, I can’t cope without you, the lock on the dress does not lend itself, will you help me remove it?

- tonight there will be no one and nothing, only our heated bodies.

Many ladies do not take their first steps, considering this something terrible and obscene. And many men, on the contrary, love the initiative on the part of the lady when she dilutes the relationship. Do not be cold with a man. If a woman knows how to seduce and excite men, she automatically becomes much more attractive in the eyes of men, unlike other women.

The most common mistake that most women make is that ladies start correspondence with vulgarity, thinking that it will excite him with lightning speed. But we can not say that all men do not like this, for some part of men this will undoubtedly be liked. But the rest is clearly not appreciated.

It is better to start correspondence with the expression of your feelings, or tell your lover that you have a very interesting dream, which you do not mind repeating in real life. If your man supports this conversation, you can use the “heavier artillery” and you can stir up passion with spicy photos.

Small SMS helpers.

- all day you do not get out of my head! Soon I want to be near you, fall into your arms, and tender kisses.

- I miss you so much that everywhere I feel your aroma

“You left just a minute ago, but I already miss you, and look forward to the evening to get into the world of pleasure with you.”

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- I need your help, I can’t take off my stockings myself, can they only be given to you, what can you say? Will you come to help me?

- I can’t fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes, I see you and vulgar thoughts come to my mind.

Small phrases helpers arousal men.

But we want to warn you that there are no such phrases that will definitely help excite a man. This is all connected with the character and preferences of men. Some love affectionate SMS. And some love more liberated ladies.

And before you write SMS, think about whether your man will like the content of the text. If your young man is more modest, it is better to start a conversation with gentle and romantic times that will make him smile. If he is more liberated, you can immediately begin a more liberated conversation.

- when you were going to work, you are so sexy, now my vulgar thoughts haunt me

- from the mere memories of our invigorating sex, I'm already excited and want to repeat it tonight.

- I want to be in your arms again.

- A surprise in the form of a stunning striptease awaits you today.

- I want to forget about everything tonight and surrender to pleasure, will you help me?

- An unforgettable night awaits you today! Don't be late at exactly 9

- I decided to go to the shower, but I myself can’t rub the back, can you help me?

“Today I will do whatever I want with you, and the handcuffs will help me with this.”

Messages that can wake the imagination of a man who is at work.

If you decide to write an SMS of an intimate nature to the man who is currently at work, you must understand that he will not immediately answer you. If you wrote an SMS, but there is no answer to it after 15 minutes, do not write next, wait a few more for an answer.

If you persistently begin to fill up a man of SMS of intimate content, then just ruin the whole process of excitement. Then, if you want your man to think about you constantly throughout the day, you need to constantly feed his interest. This suggests that throughout the working day, you need to write exciting SMS to him.

- I’m already burning from the thought that soon you will be naked in bed.

- beloved, what will you choose in the evening a hot dinner, or me all hot?

- Do not make any plans for the evening, you and I will be naughty today.

- after work you will find a massage with an interesting continuation.

- Today after work, I will meet you, in your favorite underwear, I look forward to.

- because now you have thoughts only about me, come and take me.

- Any plans for the evening? How do you like romantic dinner and passionate sex?

Tender phrases that help to hint a man about intimacy.

Many ladies make the mistake of believing that men love only vulgar SMS, and they do not like gentle and affectionate phrases. Many men like tenderness, but not people, but you can pamper a man with tenderness alone or in SMS. Tender words in SMS will help a man to relax, spend a much more pleasant working day, and then make you feel good in the evening.

No need to be afraid to speak pleasant and gentle words to your man; he will undoubtedly be pleased to hear this from you. But there is no need to go too far with them, since a man can then understand all this is not right. No need to say that he is the most tender and best that is in this world. It’s better to talk about yours that will not lower, but rather increase.

- you are so delicious with me!

- sometimes it seems to me that I got into a fairy tale, and you are my prince

- as soon as you go out the door, I already begin to get bored.

- my beloved is just so good to you, no one can replace you.

- the more time I spend with you, the happier I become.

- only your hands drive me crazy when I am in your arms and your lips are passionately walking on my neck, as if in a world of pleasure I don’t want to leave.

- when you are not around, I immediately feel that a piece of me has disappeared.

“If you don’t come to me in the next hour, I’ll just get away with excitement.”

- darling, do you mind repeating at night what we did this morning?

- My body is already burning with the thought that soon your lips will caress my body.

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