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How to store garlic at home in an apartment


"clear: both"> Winter or winter garlic is harvested in July. He is capricious enough and can only lie until winter (very rarely until spring). If a large crop of this species is harvested, it is better to grind the garlic into spices or make pasta from it. You can understand that winter garlic has ripened by its dry and yellow tops, thin scales and cracks on the skin of inflorescences.

Dig out the garlic carefully so as not to damage the heads, as cut plants cannot be stored for a long time. After extraction, it is necessary to dry the garlic under a canopy or under the sun (if the weather is nice outside) for several days.

After drying, dry stems need to be cut (if you are not going to store garlic in braids) and sort the heads.

After preparatory work, you can proceed to the choice of storage method. That garlic, which was sorted for one reason or another, can be ground for seasoning or frozen in a freezer.

In which container is garlic best preserved?

  1. Box. In a box, garlic does not need to be cleaned, whole heads should be placed in boxes and sprinkled with salt or flour if desired. It is best to use wooden boxes, and they should have slots for the passage of air for garlic.
  2. Storage in baskets. This is the simplest container and one of the easiest ways to save garlic. Due to weaving, air constantly circulates in the basket. This favorably affects the storage of vegetables.
  3. Stockings or tights. This method was also used by our grandmothers. But it still remains popular for storing garlic in homes. Due to small gaps, air enters the tights, and garlic can remarkably winter. Tied up tights are hung on nails, thereby saving space in the apartment.
  4. Banks. In such containers, you can save both peeled and unpeeled garlic. It can be placed in a jar in its pure form, with salt or oil, and also, depending on the contents, be closed with a plastic cover or remain open. Garlic in a jar can be refrigerated or on the balcony.
  5. Without container. If you do not want to store garlic in boxes, jars, baskets or other containers, braids are a good option. With this method, garlic should be well dried and constantly in a dry place. Heads are interwoven with feathers with twine or rope. This option will not only allow you to store garlic for a long time, but will also be a wonderful decoration element of your apartment.

If you still do not know or have not decided where to store garlic in the apartment, here Some of the best options:

  • loggia or balcony. Suitable for storing garlic in jars or boxes, if the premises are insulated,
  • cellar or underground. Not sure how to store garlic in winter in an apartment? The subfloor would be an ideal option. There is moderate humidity, good air permeability, and garlic in the spring will not lose its properties,
  • any dry place. Garlic will be perfectly preserved in braids, boxes or tights,
  • fridge. Many people ask, is it possible to store garlic in the refrigerator? In principle, as an option, this device is considered. Garlic is well kept in the cold. If it does not bother you in the refrigerator and does not take up much space, then you can store it there.

Garlic Shelf Life

Approximate dates are as follows:

  • ground garlic - stored for no more than two months,
  • flour, salt, sawdust - about five months,
  • in oil - no more than three months,
  • in the refrigerator, as in paper, is also about three months,
  • in the bank - three months.

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