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Women's corsets - types of corsets and rules for choosing the right model

Corset is one of the most spectacular and attractive elements of a women's wardrobe. A set with a corset catches the eyes of others and makes a fashionista a center of attention.

For a long time, women's corsets were considered part of the underwear, and were not on display. But in the modern world, these clothes have changed their appearance and purpose. Corsets are found everywhere, acting as a detail of both everyday and evening look.

To create a stylish and harmonious set, it is important to choose the right style of corset. He must emphasize the lines of the female figure and correspond to the general style of clothing.

Actual models of corsets

In each season, designers offer their own options for corsets that can complement any look. They are distinguished by length, color, cut and color palette. Consider the popular models that will always be in fashion:

  • Classic corset. Feature of the style is a closed chest. This option is universal and fits into various sets. Suitable for fashionable women with magnificent breasts.
  • Chest corset. A distinctive feature - the upper border ends under the bust. This model is designed to complement a dress, a fashionable blouse or top. The style is recommended for owners of a small breast to give additional volume.
  • Corset belt. It is a wide belt with lacing that will complement any look. Leather options, models decorated with studs, color inserts and buckles are relevant.

What is a female corset for?

Every woman is special. Someone was bestowed by nature with ideal external data, and someone throughout his life struggles with the flaws of his figure. To emphasize the female beauty, harmony and adjust the shape, a corset was invented in ancient times. The first models looked like wide bandages that needed to be worn strictly under the chest, but over time the shape of this product changed. In the last century, the corset was part of the daily female image; it was a rigid construction with lacing. Now they are a beautiful belt that wraps around the waist and lace up on the back. In the modern world, these products perform the following functions:

  • beautifully emphasize the figure (bust, waist),
  • adjust the silhouette to the type of "hourglass",
  • give the image femininity,
  • allow you to achieve perfect posture,
  • are a decorative element of the wardrobe that can create a spectacular image,
  • perform supporting functions (applies to sports models).

blue velcro fitness corset

wide corset for fat


This type serves his mistress in order to hide the extra pounds. It is put on a naked body, but the option of wearing over a dress or blouse is possible. Such models can also hide the flaws of the figure, and complement the image. The tightening can reach 20 cm, everything will depend on your physique.

corset with tightening

For full

This view is used to make the figure slimmer. It is worn on a naked body, so that it is not visible, therefore it is important not to miss the size: a corset a size larger or smaller can no longer cope with the task. If you have extra pounds in the abdomen and waist that you would like to hide for the time of an important event - take a look at such a product.

corset for obese women

bright corset for fat girls

With sleeves

Models with sleeves are a real find for those who want to dress up in honor of a significant event in a tight-fitting dress, but are embarrassed to do this because of an extra layer of fat on their hands. This type of corset belongs to the category of special underwear, the dragging-out material has the maximum corrective effect on certain parts of the body.

white corset with sleeves

But there are also decorative models with sleeves - they are very sophisticated and spectacular. The figure in such a corset is transformed: the waist is made thinner, and the lowered sleeves and open shoulders give the image an attractiveness and femininity. This is an almost universal model that can be worn both as a set of underwear and as an outfit for a theme party.

black corset with sleeves

This is the smallest model for sale, it is also called a corset belt. The product starts just above the line of the hips, captures the waist and ends a couple of centimeters from the bust.

waist corset

black and gray waist corset

The corset under the chest ends immediately before the lower line of the bust. These models resemble underwear, but sometimes you can see products that can be worn over a blouse or dress. Corsets under the chest have a high pulling force and are able to adjust the figure to the type "90-60-90". A woman looks slim, with an aristocratic posture.

chest corset with a pattern

red corset under the chest

Evening models are needed to create a spectacular look for various events and parties, they give the image femininity, mystery. There are many options: from satin, velvet, leather, with a zipper or buttons, lace. Depending on the material, you can create a fateful or romantic image. Such corsets raise the bust and emphasize the waist - in them you will look luxurious.

evening dress with corset

elegant evening corset options

Particular attention should be paid to the lace model. It can be used both as underwear and as a separate element of the wardrobe, which can be combined with tight trousers, feminine skirts and even jeans - it all depends on your preferences. The main thing here is not to overload the image so that it does not seem vulgar. Usually black lace is chosen, it delicately emphasizes the chest and gives the image a tenderness.

corset with lace

With suspenders

The most graceful and exciting element of women's underwear is a corset with suspenders. Lacing the back allows you to achieve the effect of an aspen waist, raises the chest and emphasizes the buttocks. Of course, this is not casual wear. But the corset is capable of producing a stunning effect on men.

corset with suspenders

corset and suspenders

For posture

Keeping your back straight is almost impossible. But perfect posture makes a woman much more attractive. It was for this purpose that models for posture were invented. It is better to choose them with a doctor, because they have different stiffness and design. Typically, these corsets are made of breathable elastic materials and have inserts from plastic tires. This design provides the necessary degree of fixation of the spine, normalizes muscle tone, stabilizes the lumbar, increasing intra-abdominal pressure. They should be worn no more than 2 hours a day, based on the recommendations of a doctor.

posture alignment corset

posture correction corset


On sale you can find several models of sports corsets:

  • belts made of soft synthetic material with Velcro fasteners - designed to fix the back when performing exercises with small weights. Such models are not expensive and are perfect for almost all women,
  • leather models with a fastener on a belt - are needed for more serious loads. The wide part of such a belt fixes the back, and the narrow part does not prevent forward bending,
  • fitness corsets - unload the body during sports so that the muscles can relax. Such belts can avoid the problems of muscle gain in the waist, but they can not be worn for more than 2 hours a day. Externally, such a corset is practically no different from a regular sports shirt, but it is made of high-quality latex, which easily adapts to the figure and gives the effect of tightening. Such a corset does not put pressure on the respiratory system and does not cause the owner discomfort.

You can not always use sports corsets during training, because the body gets used to the belt, the muscles relax and this can subsequently cause injury.

One of the most popular models of sports corsets for women is the WAIST TRAINER corset shirt.

Velcro sports corset

How to make the right choice?

A good corset is an expensive purchase, so no matter what model you need, the fabric should be of high quality. As for the tightening corsets, the material must be strong and flexible to withstand the load. Decorative models, which also perform the function of weighting, are usually sewn from several layers. The upper one provides the beauty of the corset, while the inner one provides the comfort of socks and strength. If you choose a model that is supposed to be worn on a naked body, give preference to natural fabrics. They allow the body to breathe, reducing perspiration. It should be noted that some manufacturers mix synthetic threads in natural fabrics in order to reduce the cost of the product and improve its strength.

If you choose a model as a “special occasion” underwear, you can step back from the rules described. For these products, external beauty is more important, because they are not intended for daily wear. Silk fabrics and even synthetics are appropriate here.

evening corset with lacing

The following types of fasteners are available:

Busk is a pair of steel plates that are connected using hooks and loops. This clasp does not drag, so it is used only in front. It was invented for the convenience of putting on a product and getting rid of it - you do not need to undo the entire tape to get rid of the corset. Usually a pair is used with a lacing.

Lacing corsets resembles lacing sneakers. A loop is threaded through the loops, with the help of which the desired degree of tightening is achieved. If you choose a product for silhouette correction, make sure that the tape is made of a durable material that will not tear under strong tension. The best option for the material the tape is made of is silk. It looks aesthetically pleasing and has a high degree of strength. Leather cord material is possible, but such an element carries a decorative rather than practical meaning.

Lightning is not the best option. Firstly, such a fastener does not perform the function of tightening, and secondly, a model with a zipper must be selected strictly according to the figure, and this is not easy to do. Lightning is rather a design element, since it does not withstand the load when tightened.

Summing up this point, we say that it is best to choose the classic model of corset fasteners: in front - a bisk, in the back - lacing and silk ribbon.

Bones are reinforcing plates that are distributed along the length of the product. Thanks to them, you can achieve the ideal degree of correction of the figure. Whalebone is the classic and best seed material. The disadvantage of this option is the price. Whalebone corsets are expensive. An alternative can be steel or plastic bones, they also do an excellent job with the weight function. Regilin is an undesirable material that he serves for a short time - only 2-3 months, then begins to fall apart.

Depending on the task that your model will solve, choose the size you need. A female corset usually drains the volume of the figure by 7-20 cm. This means that you need to choose a product 1-2 sizes smaller than your usual clothing size. As a rule, the product stretches after a couple of months of socks, so you should not worry if the lacing does not converge a little at the first try-ons.

The best way to achieve perfect bends is to sew a corset to order, perfectly matching it to the parameters of your figure. However, this is an expensive pleasure.

The nuances of choosing a model for posture

If you need a reinforced corset (you have problems with the back, lower back) - it is better to consult a competent doctor who will advise you. It will take into account the features of your figure and health.

If you decide to purchase a corset for the prevention of stoop, you only need to choose the right size and brand. Always choose a larger size if you are in the middle of the dimensional grid. Pay attention to semi-rigid models. They properly raise their shoulders and gently support the spine. A correctly selected corset for posture does not rub the armpits, does not cut the waist and does not cause a feeling of discomfort. The material of the product should not cause allergies and pass air well, without violating the natural functions of heat transfer.

We hope our article helped you figure out the huge assortment of the modern market for women's corsets. We wish to make the right choice depending on your goals.

What are corsets

1. Corset belt, worn on the waist, really looks like a belt, and it can be used on top of a blouse or dress - it turns out a very interesting image. However, it is intended only for tightening the waist and "exit".

2. Half corset - such a corset "under the chest" is usually worn as underwear - by the way, it looks incredibly seductive. The possibilities for tightening such a wardrobe item are very good, and you can achieve the effect of an "aspen waist" and an aristocratic look. They put it on top of regular clothes.

3. Looks amazing corset with half busthalf open chest. While other types of corsets in themselves attract the views of men, this view simply drives them crazy. But this corset can be designed not only for intimate caresses. There are models for outerwear, for example, for wearing with a skirt. Refinement and aristocracy will be constant companions of a woman in a corset with a half bust. Just do not wear it when you go to work in the office.

4.Classic corset make anyone a princess. He gives both a stunning posture and a graceful waist, and hides the flaws of the figure. Since the classic corset comes in many different styles, any lady can choose a model specifically for her figure. And there, at least for a party, at least in the office, at least for a romantic date. Greedy male looks will simply haunt the beauty in such a corset.

In addition, there are corsets for medical purposes - orthopedic, designed to help correct deficiencies, such as posture. But this article talks about corsets precisely as the subject of a wardrobe.

Corset selection

If you want to get yourself a corset, then first you have to measure your figure parameters. Chest, waist, hips. Recall that the circumference of the chest and hips is determined by the most protruding points of the figure, and the circumference of the waist, on the contrary, by its thinnest place. All volumes are measured while standing, while you need to completely relax.

Now we have to remember that corsets are designed to tighten the figure, which means that they must be smaller than the data obtained when measuring the figure. You can tighten the corset up to 20 cm, the smallest tightening is 7 cm. It is for this reason that you will have to choose sizes 1-2 smaller than these figures. After all, then the figure adapts to the new thing, and gradually it will be possible to tighten the waist more and more. For starters, you can try to pull yourself 5 centimeters, gradually then increasing the weight. And the figure will get used to it, and the corset itself will stretch a little, even if at the beginning the lacing did not fit completely.

For all these reasons, when choosing a new corset, count on the difference with your figure about fifteen centimeters.

In addition, you can sew a corset to order. Of course, this will cost an order of magnitude more expensive, but then it will be tailored specifically for your parameters, and in the end you will get exactly those bends that you wanted. To choose between indoposhiv and purchased options, of course, to you - who as it is more pleasant.

When choosing a corset, you need to take into account your own taste preferences, and the goals for which you buy it - to seduce a loved one or just impress others. The ruffles and pink color are suitable for a romantic girl, and leather models are an extravagant sex bomb.

When a woman first acquires a corset, then she will have to change a lot in everyday life.

1. Firstly, she will now be able to breathe only through her breasts - her stomach will be completely tightened. It is because of this that the ladies of earlier times constantly fainted. But now there is no need to stretch as much as the then fashion demanded.
2. Secondly, you have to strictly monitor your own posture, although the corset improves it, but it is not so painless.

How to get used to a corset?

At first, the corset will have to be worn only at home, experimenting with tightening and trying to get used to a new piece of clothing. At first, go in it for 15 minutes at home, and every day pull it back a little more than the previous day. Move actively, let the body "adapt", and the corset will stretch a little. In a couple of weeks, you can already put it on "on the way out" and shine with a beautiful waist and posture at the party. Here you can’t overdo it - because, unlike medieval fashionistas, you no longer need to have an exclusively “aspen” waist, you do not need to torment your body and yourself in vain.

Method 1 Choose a time to purchase

You can either buy a ready-made corsage, or make an individual one under the order.

  1. 1 Позвоните или посетите местный цветочный магазин за неделю до мероприятия, если вы планируете купить готовый корсаж с букетом. Не все цветочные магазины продают готовые изделия, так что выделите достаточно времени на поиски подходящего варианта.
  2. 2 Заказывайте корсаж, по крайней мере, за две недели до выпускного вечера, если не раньше. Выпускной сезон также знаменуется Днем Матери и началом свадебного сезона, так что у флористов больше работы, чем обычно. Advance ordering ensures that the florist fulfills your request on time.
  3. 3 Do not go to the flower shop the day before prom. You will have little chance of picking a decent bouquet.

Method 2 Find Out About Your Satellite Preferences

Ask your companion about his / her preferences. This will allow you to choose a corsage that perfectly suits his / her preferences and dislikes.

  1. 1 Find out if he / she has any favorite flowers. Try to buy a corsage that contains his / her favorite flower.
  2. 2 Find out if your companion is allergic to any flowers. Least of all you want to cause an allergy on this festive evening.
  3. 3 Ask about his / her favorite color. Look for flowers for which the chosen color will be their natural tone or those that can be painted like carnations.
  4. 4 Find out if he / she wants a corsage of some special kind. Traditional corsages are tied around the wrist, but there are other popular options, like pinned bouquets and hand-made bouquets of flowers, small sizes. Find out if a satellite has special preferences from three possible options.

Method 3 Find out what your companion will wear

Even if you want the bouquet to come as a surprise, at least you need to find out some basic information about what your companion will be wearing.

  1. 1 Find out if her dress will be strapless. A corsage on your wrist or a bouquet in your hands is best suited for a strapless dress.
  2. 2 Learn about the color of the dress or suit. You must choose a color scheme that emphasizes this color.
  3. 3 Choose the safest neutral options if, for some reason, you can't find out anything about her dress. Wrist bouquets are considered the safest and most traditional stylish solutions, and the neutral white flower looks elegant and fits almost any color of the dress or jacket lapel.

Method 4 Budget

Corsage can cost a lot of money. Calculate how much you can spend, and be guided by this when deciding.

  1. 1 Set the price. Most corsages cost between $ 25 and $ 50 (800-1600 rubles), but prices vary, and can be even higher. Determine how much you can afford to spend without getting carried away.
  2. 2 Let the florist know his limit. This may limit your choice, but there are many inexpensive flowers, such as lilies, alstroemeria or mini carnations that look wonderful on corsages.

Method 5 Get Out With Your Companion

Consider going for a bouquet with a companion. Some people like to take an active part in the process.

  1. 1 If your companion is not opposed to this idea, ask her / him to go with you to the florist. In this case, you will be sure that your companion will come to the holiday with a bouquet that she certainly likes.
  2. 2 Ask your companion to bring along a dress or fabric sample of the same color and material as her outfit. Show it to the florist and he will pick up a bouquet that will best match the colors and ribbons on the clothes.

Method 6 Get Help

If you are still unable to buy a suitable bouquet, ask for help from other people who are more knowledgeable than you.

  1. 1 Ask for help from a mother, sister, or friend of a female family. Women, as a rule, are better versed in colors than most people, and they feel more confident when choosing options.
  2. 2 Find out the professional opinion of the florist. In the end, understanding how colors and flowers can be combined is part of the florist’s work.

Corset and corsage - what's the difference?

So, now let's talk about the difference between a corset and a corsage.

Corset Designed to create a thin waist, support the chest and ensure perfect posture. This happens due to the fact that special bones and lacing are sewn into it, with the help of which they drag out the figure. It can be worn under outerwear or can exist as an independent item of clothing.

Corsage it also covers the back, waist and chest and is often the outer clothing over the dress or blouse. It is also laced, but this lacing is solely for beauty, does not tighten the figure. The corsage can be from any materials, but corsets are sewn only from inelastic fabrics that can support the figure and not be deformed at the same time. If a lot of bones are sewn into the corset, then the corsage has only a few - only to maintain shape.