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Commercial firms from all over the world hurried to cash in on the popularity of pokemany, releasing accessories and chips to race to idealize the image of a Japanese coach from a pocket monster franchise.

Additional gadgets are divided into several types:

  • Power Bank - external batteries needed to solve the problem with forever with a low battery. Based on the fact that Pokémon outside the battle live in house balls called Pokeball, the creators of portable chargers took into account the wishes of the players and made the devices exactly like in the franchise. Round and luminous, accessories not only help with a charge of less than 10%, but also cheer up the players due to the attractive design and unusual shape. It is impossible to go unnoticed at night with PowerBank - 90% of the models have a backlight, and the charge volume starts from 5 thousand mAh. The color of pokeball depends on the preferences of the player - you can choose your own color according to the command in Pokemon GO (red, yellow or blue), or “stand out” and purchase a purple Power Bank. The disadvantage is the impossibility of acquiring an external Power Bank battery in ordinary mobile phone stores - although the fashion for Pokemon did not sleep, the salons are in no hurry to display unusual portable chargers on display (despite the increased demand among 50% of players).
  • Clothing of the main characters of the cartoon "Pokemon". For those who are not affected by nostalgia 2000s: Ash Ketchum, a 12-year-old guy from the Kanto region, decided to become the greatest Pokémon trainer and embarked on an exciting adventure, meeting new friends Brock and Misty on the way. Ash's style is a red and white sports cap with a badge, blue jeans, a black T-shirt and vest. Misty likes to wear a short yellow top and suspenders, and Brock dresses in a calm green and brown color scheme - gray jeans, a khaki vest, and a sand T-shirt. All the heroes wear sports shoes only, which pleases true Nintendo game lovers - hunting in sneakers and sneakers is much more convenient than hunting in shoes. To match the characters in the picture, Misty fans are red-haired, and Ketchum fans grow their hair and become brunettes. Ordering a cosplay that is as similar as possible to the look of your favorite cartoon character will cost the trainer 5-15 thousand rubles.
  • Trinkets and souvenirs have long been officially sold by the developers themselves - earnings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are brought not so much by trainers as by nostalgic fans or parents buying funny animals for their children. The most popular products: a mug with a coloring of pokeball, T-shirts with Pikachu and other monsters, as well as trainers, pokemon slippers, table lamps and lamps with images of favorite heroes and outlines of monsters. You can order gifts on any resource dedicated to the topic of Pokemon - depending on the seller’s premium, prices range from $ 1 to $ 2 thousand. USA. Russian-speaking suppliers buy T-shirts with images of Pokemon GO teams (Mystic, Vailor, Instinct), key chains for smartphones, wrist watches with a cartoon-themed dial, bracelets and creative figurines.
  • The most ridiculous and insane inventions of Japanese designers - for example, yellow tights for girls with a picture of Pikachu, glasses with pokeballs, a repeating Pikachu who speaks only Japanese.

Accessories are not a mandatory part, creating a unique atmosphere for catching monsters. The Pokemon GO app attracts trainers with the opportunity to plunge into the world of augmented reality, enjoying real travels around the city with close friends.

It’s easiest to add colors to the hunt with the help of a trainer’s backpack, stylized as the world of Pokémon - fantasy animations by artists know no bounds when it comes to Japanese monsters.

According to statistics, an enthusiastic trainer spends on the application from 500 rubles per week, taking into account the costs of the Internet, small expenses on the road and buying coins in the application. If accessories are included in the bill, costs increase by 50-200%. But most players prefer not to advertise the desire to catch a monster, therefore, to understand that the person standing in front of you with a smartphone in your hands is a trainer, you can only by repeated movements of the index finger up and down, which means the process of hunting for Pokemon. Coaches, however, easily see like-minded people in a crowd and happily communicate with colleagues in the game, sharing tips and showing off Pokedex.

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