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Only 3 exercises for burning fat: minus 1000 calories per workout!

Do you want to get an attractive body and immediately defeat all members of the opposite sex? Wide jumps with a show of hands are one of the main structural exercises with which almost everyone is familiar from childhood. However, many people do not know how useful these jumps can be for the heart and lungs. Regardless of your gender, age and level of fitness, wide jumps with a show of hands are an excellent exercise to warm up before training. The world record for these jumps is 27,000 consecutive jumps if you follow these instructions. you most likely will still not be able to even approach this record.

Fat Burning Exercises

Jumping is accompanied by a swing of the arms and leg movements. This exercise can be used as a warm-up, it speeds up the pulse, increases blood circulation, and blood flow to the muscles resumes. During the exercise, almost all the muscles of the body work: buttocks and legs, arms and back, stomach. It is especially important to perform jumps with the sweep of the hands for the work of the Achilles tendons, calf and gluteal muscles. Work on this exercise takes 20-25 minutes.

How to perform exercises for burning fat - jumping with the swing of both hands

Starting position: stand straight, straightening your back, arms along the body, legs brought together. We carry out the jump, we spread our legs apart, with our hands we make cotton overhead. We perform jumps to inhale and exhale, the pace should be average.

Burpee or burpy

It is considered a professional aerobic exercise, which at first will be difficult to perform until the body gets used to the pace and load. It is most effective for weight loss and muscle training. The load falls on the complex on all the muscles of the body, being used alternately: abdominal muscles, triceps and pectoral muscles, gluteus quadriceps, hamstrings.

  1. Starting position: standing, arms along the body, legs shoulder-width apart.
  2. Incomplete squat: squat down, place your hands with your palms on the floor so that your elbows touch the inside of the knee. We do not complete the squat so that the legs at the knees are bent. Jump back with your feet and take the next pose.
  3. We make the bar: the back is straight, the gaze is fixed on the floor, we hold on toes, the heels look up.
  4. We fall from the bar on the palms, to the bar on the elbows. Option: the bar on the elbows can be replaced by push-ups. We jump and legs return to the palms, do a squat.
  5. We stand in a partial squat pose, legs in the knees are not completely bent, while maintaining springiness.
  6. We accept the starting position: legs shoulder width apart, arms along the body.
  7. We carry out the jump, raise our hands and make cotton.

Choose the time for execution yourself, on average, the effectiveness increases after 10 minutes of performing Burpee or Burpy.

Burpee is considered the best and best among professional complexes that save time and do not give fat a chance to save in the body. Exercises for burning Burpy fat will allow you to achieve a pumped up press, legs, arms and strengthen the muscle corset on the back.

Folding bud or exercise "folding knife"

The advanced exercise "Folding Knife" will help get rid of fat on the abdomen and sides, aimed at the rectus abdominis muscles.

Starting position: lie on the floor, hands behind the head and legs straight and even. Important: hands and feet should not touch the floor during the entire complex of this exercise.

We monitor the inhalation and exhalation. On exhalation, we twist and move our arms, trunk and legs simultaneously up, in the middle of the limb should meet. On inspiration, we return to the starting position. When moving up, both arms and legs are strictly straight.

For yourself, you can choose several execution methods.

First option. Perform 5-10 times of each exercise for several runs, taking breaks between runs (5 minutes), so that a one-hour workout is ultimately achieved.

The second option. We perform exercises for burning fat one after another, without calls. That is, first we do the Jumps, then Burpee, and after the “Folding Knife”, each giving time for 20 minutes, or 15 minutes, diluting with rest for 5 minutes.